Software-Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials: Cloud, Converged, and Virtual Fundamental Server Storage I/O Tradecraft

  • 13h 59m
  • Greg Schulz
  • CRC Press
  • 2017

Software-Defined Data Infrastructures Essentials provides fundamental coverage of physical, cloud, converged, and virtual server storage I/O networking technologies, trends, tools, techniques, and tradecraft skills. From webscale, software-defined, containers, database, key-value store, cloud, and enterprise to small or medium-size business, the book is filled with techniques, and tips to help develop or refine your server storage I/O hardware, software, and services skills. Whether you are new to data infrastructures or a seasoned pro, you will find this comprehensive reference indispensable for gaining as well as expanding experience with technologies, tools, techniques, and trends.

About the Author

Greg Schulz is Founder and Sr. Analyst of independent IT advisory and consultancy firm Server and StorageIO He has worked in IT at an electrical utility, financial services and transportation firms in roles ranging from business applications development to systems management and architecture planning. Mr. Schulz is author of the Intel Recommended Reading List books Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking and The Green and Virtual Data Center via CRC Press and Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier) and a five time VMware vExpert, as well as having been an advisor to various organizaitons including CompTIA Storage+.

In this Book

  • Server Storage I/O and Data Infrastructure Fundamentals
  • Application and IT Environments
  • Bits, Bytes, Blobs, and Software-Defined Building Blocks
  • Servers: Physical, Virtual, Cloud, and Containers
  • Server I/O and Networking
  • Servers and Storage-Defined Networking
  • Storage Mediums and Component Devices
  • Data Infrastructure Services: Access and Performance
  • Data Infrastructure Services: Availability, RAS, and RAID
  • Data Infrastructure Services: Availability, Recovery-Point Objective, and Security
  • Data Infrastructure Services: Capacity and Data Reduction
  • Storage Systems and Solutions (Products and Cloud)
  • Data Infrastructure and Software-Defined Management
  • Data Infrastructure Deployment Considerations
  • Software-Defined Data Infrastructure Futures, Wrap-up, and Summary