Software Defined Planet with Internet of Things

  • 33m
  • Sumit Nigam
  • EMC
  • 2015

Transformation is core to survival in business. Redefinition is the genesis of transformation itself. During the course of evolution of mankind, the Industrial Revolution provided the ammunition which still propels our growth. The next stage in this evolution was the advent of the Internet. We are at the threshold of yet another powerful revolution; termed the Internet of Things (IoT). As per estimates, around 26 billion devices would be on the Internet by 2020. McKinsey Global Institute reports[1] project IoT business to reach $6.2 trillion in revenue by 2025. This article will discuss what IoT really is, the potential it holds, key technologies behind it, the challenges that businesses will face in leveraging it, and pitfalls which they must guard against. We will also look at some of the unique ways in which it would impact our lives and discuss some interesting use cases.

In this Book

  • Software-defined Planet with Internet of Things
  • Redefine and Transform
  • Software-defined Planet
  • The Pulse
  • The ‘A-ha’ Moments
  • Know more, no less
  • Sensor (IoT) device and gateway
  • The perfect storm
  • The Secret Sauce
  • Where it all comes together
  • Data deluge, Data Lakes
  • The pulse revisited
  • Conclusion
  • References