SPSS for Dummies

  • 4h 22m
  • Arthur Griffith
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2007

Program SPSS with Python and Command Syntax

The fun and easy way to generate solid decision-making results with SPSS

Stymied by SPSS? This friendly, plain-English guide gets you up and running with the latest version of the software so that you can start performing calculations right away. It then covers all key analysis topics step by step — from cross tabulation and descriptive ratios to linear regression, hierarchical analysis, and more. you'll export data flawlessly and with flair!

  • Install and run the software
  • Get data into and out of SPSS
  • Create striking charts and graphs
  • Execute analyses — from correlations to linear models
  • Display data in a variety of graphs

About the Author

Arthur Griffith is a computer programmer and a writer. He is the author of eleven books and the coauthor of three. His education was many years ago in a land far away, and he has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

During his years as a computer programmer, he developed systems as varied as nuclear power plant construction accounting, missile guidance, remote control of cable-TV set-top boxes, and satellite communications control. All the work he did with computer programming required the use of mathematics and the ability to explain complex concepts in simple language.

He moved to Alaska in an attempt to retire, but failed. He is now developing software for Kachemak Research Development and writing books, like this one.

In this Book

  • Introducing SPSS
  • Installing and Running the Software
  • A Simple Statistical Analysis Example
  • Entering Data from the Keyboard
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Data and Data Types
  • Messing with the Data After It's in There
  • Getting Data out of SPSS
  • Fundamentals of Graphing
  • Some Types of Graphs
  • More Types of Graphs
  • Maps
  • Executing an Analysis
  • Some Analysis Examples
  • The Command Syntax Language
  • Command Syntax Language Examples
  • The Python Programming Language
  • Python Inside SPSS
  • Scripts
  • Ten Modules you can Add to SPSS
  • Ten Useful Things you can Find on the Internet