Staffing Forecasting and Planning

  • 56m
  • Jean M. Phillips, Stanley M. Gully
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • 2009

Well-researched and with practical applications, this manual shows the importance of understanding an organization’s business strategy, goals, and competitive environment to identify what talents the firm will need. The combination of strategic forecasting and labor-market planning outlined in this resource shows how to increase an organization's ability to improve its capabilities, reduce its costs, and survive any economic environment. Ensuring that the right people are in place at the right time, these practices help employers be proactive and smart about hiring decisions.

About the Authors

Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully have their doctorates in human resources and are professors of human resource management at Rutgers University. They are the coauthors of Strategic Staffing. They both live in Annandale, New Jersey.

In this Book

  • Staffing Forecasting and Planning
  • Introduction
  • The Workforce Planning Process
  • Forecasting Labor Demand
  • Forecasting Labor Supply
  • Resolving Gaps Between Labor Supply and Labor Demand
  • Staffing Planning
  • Summary
  • Endnotes
  • Additional SHRM-Published Books