Stand Out!: Building Brilliant Brands For The World We Live In

  • 2h 21m
  • Brian McGurk
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2020

Stand Out! is a book about branding and its evolution, practice, and power in today’s digital age.

It presents the “why-do” and the “how-to” along with a passionate philosophy on transforming business through brand-centered change. It spells out a sequential, easily understandable, proven brand-building process and is a key reference text for anyone interested in brand development, leadership, innovation, and sustainable business growth. Reader understanding and enjoyment are enhanced by ample presentation of supporting tables, charts, case examples, expert tips, real-life experiences and pull-out quotes, as well as a helpful “word wizard” glossary at the end of each chapter explaining business terms and expressions used.

This book democratizes branding: It makes branding—its history, theory, and practice—easily accessible and actionable. Stand Out! replaces the mystique of brand strategy with the magic of brand transfor¬mation&.it makes it exciting and fun and puts that power directly into the hands of the business masses. It is a practical handbook for getting started with branding or for strengthening an existing brand management system. It gives the reader the confidence, permission, and skills to get branding now!

About the Author

Brian McGurk, BA (Hons), business studies, diploma in marketing, has been working in strategic marketing and branding for about 30 years. He began his consulting career with PA Consulting Group and has founded and run three marketing and brand development agencies. His experience spans private and public sector organizations of all sizes and a highly diverse client base. He has established and led international brand teams at the cutting edge of business transformation and culture change. He has been a frequent commentator in the media and a speaker on brand experience and leadership at national and international levels. He is married with four adult children and lives in Dublin, Ireland.

In this Book

  • The Origin and Nature of Branding
  • What are You Thinking?
  • Building Brilliant Brands
  • Branding in the World We Live In
  • A Final Thought: The Beauty of Branding