Statistical Programming in SAS

  • 5h 29m
  • A. John Bailer
  • SAS Institute
  • 2010

In Statistical Programming in SAS, author A. John Bailer integrates SAS tools with interesting statistical applications and uses SAS 9.2 as a platform to introduce programming ideas for statistical analysis, data management, and data display and simulation. Written using a reader-friendly and narrative style, the book includes extensive examples and case studies to present a well-structured introduction to programming issues.

This book has two parts. The first part addresses the nuts and bolts of programming, including fostering good programming habits, getting external data sets into SAS to construct an analysis data set, generating basic descriptive statistical summaries, producing customized tables, generating more attractive output, and producing high-quality graphical displays. The second part emphasizes programming in the context of a DATA step, in macros, and in SAS/IML software.

Examples of statistical methods and concepts not always encountered in basic statistics courses (for example, bootstrapping, randomization tests, and jittering) are used to illustrate programming ideas. This book provides extensive illustrations of the new ODS Statistical Graphics procedures in SAS, a description of the new ODS Graphics Editor, and a brief introduction to some of the capabilities of SAS/IML Studio, such as producing dynamically linked data displays and invoking R from SAS.

In this Book

  • Let's Get Started—Preliminaries and a SAS Quick Start
  • Reading, Combining, and Managing Data for Later Analysis
  • Using SAS Procedures
  • Complex Table Construction and Output Control
  • Basic Models in SAS
  • Producing Statistical Graphics in SAS
  • Traditional SAS Graphics
  • Formatting Variables, Recoding Variables, and Writing Programs
  • Programming in a DATA Step
  • Macro Programming
  • Programming with Matrices and Vectors