Strategic Engagement: Practical Tools to Raise Morale and Increase Results, Volume I: Core Activities

  • 2h 17m
  • Chris Crosby
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2019

The reason this book is needed is simple: most businesses fail to truly align their workers to the goals of the organization in any meaningful way and, therefore, miss out on engaging their employees to get a leg up on the competition. Instead they lose focus by fighting fires and end up with poor implementation of projects, internal improvements, and their core mission. This results in less-than- desired business metrics. To make matters worse many leaders then turn to some high-level theory that supposedly will solve their problems rather than getting down to the basics and moving their organization, one conversation at a time. The audience for this book are leaders and senior managers of organizations whose positions permit, indeed demand, they take full responsibility for the kind of systematic alignment this book advocates.

About the Author

Chris is an international consultant who helps organizations succeed by aligning people to measurable goals.

His unique strategic engagement methods help leaders connect their whole organization to overcome obstacles previously thought unattainable.

In this Book

  • Overview
  • Strategies for Engagement
  • Transition Meetings
  • Workgroup Development
  • Employee–Employee Conflict
  • Manager–Employee Conflict
  • Facilitator Basics
  • The Facilitator Triangle
  • The Leadership Questions