Strategic Fixed Income Investing: An Insider's Perspective on Bond Markets, Analysis, and Portfolio Management

  • 3h 51m
  • Sean P. Simko
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2013

Build a fixed income portfolio that will weather volatility and instability

Designing a fixed income portfolio is an essential skill of any investment manager or advisor. This book outlines the critical components to successfully navigate through stable and turbulent markets, using real-life lessons from a seasoned institutional asset manager. The first section includes commentary on the changing fixed income market and overall economy, while the second section outlines the processes to navigate these ever-evolving markets including portfolio construction, the Federal Reserve, credit analysis and trade execution. Ladder Methodology is highlighted and the book discusses its pros and cons, gives examples of both well-constructed and poorly executed laddered bond portfolios and offers alternatives to traditional asset classes.

  • Benefit from lessons learned, providing real life examples of market scenarios and trades
  • Prepare fixed income portfolios that can weather any storm
  • Written by Sean P. Simko, an expert on fixed income investing, who shares his investing experiences from the past 16 years
  • Outlines the key principles of the Ladder strategy

From strategy to execution, Strategic Fixed Income Investing offers the road map to help investment managers prepare portfolios that will insulate investments against adverse market conditions.

About the Author

Sean P. Simko is the Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management at SEI, and a sought-after expert on fixed income investing and the financial markets. He leads a team of investment professionals responsible for research, analysis, implementation, and ongoing portfolio management of over $7 billion of fixed income strategies. Prior to joining SEI, Mr. Simko was vice president and portfolio manager for Weiss Peck & Greer Investments and was responsible for managing approximately $6 billion in assets through various strategies including short duration, tips, structured products, futures, and currencies. Mr. Simko has appeared on Bloomberg TV and radio and frequently on Money Matters, and he is regularly quoted in the Wall Street Journal and other mainstream publications. He has written numerous articles for financial magazines, including most recently, December's issue of Investment Advisor.

In this Book

  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Navigating Through Troubled Water
  • Lessons Learned
  • Direction in a Sometimes Directionless Market
  • Define the End Investor
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Asset Allocation
  • The Federal Reserve and Central Banks
  • The Economy and the Markets
  • The Yield Curve
  • The Ladder and Why You Need One
  • Alternatives to a Traditional Ladder Strategy
  • Credit Analysis
  • The Four Pillars of Trade Execution
  • There are no Roadblocks, Just Detours