Strategic IT: Best Practices for Managers and Executives

  • 4h 29m
  • Arthur M. Langer, Lyle Yorks
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2013

Solid guidance for CIOs on integration of technology into business models

Strategic IT Best Practices for IT Managers and Executives is an exciting new book focused on the transition currently taking place in the CIO role, which involves developing a capacity for thinking strategically and effectively engaging peers in the senior executive team. This involves changing both theirs, and often their colleagues', mindsets about technology and their role in the organization.

Straightforward and clear, this book fills the need for understanding the learning processes that have shaped the strategic mindsets of technology executives who have successfully made the transition from a technology-focused expert mindset to a strategic orientation that adds value to the business.

  • Defines strategy advocacy as a process through which technology leaders in organizations build on their functional expertise
  • Focuses on the shift in mindset necessary for technology executives to establish a seat at the table in the C suite as a respected strategic colleague
  • Includes stories of high performing CIOs and how they learned successful strategies for getting technology positioned as a strategic driver across the business

Written by Art Langer and Lyle Yorks, recognized authorities in the areas of technology management and leadership, Strategic IT Best Practices for IT Managers and Executives includes anecdotes from CIOs at companies including BP, Prudential, Covance, Guardian, Merck, and others.

About the Authors

Dr. ARTHUR M. LANGER is the Academic Director of the Executive Master of Science in Technology Management, Columbia University Program in Technology, School of Continuing Education. He also serves on the faculties of the Graduate School of Business and the Teachers College, Columbia University Graduate School of Education. He has authored seven books and writes for various technology journals and magazines.

Dr. LYLE YORKS is Associate Professor in the Department of Organization and Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University, where he teaches graduate courses in strategy development. He serves on the Executive Education faculties at various universities, where he teaches classes in leading strategic change, negotiation, and organizational influence. He has presented on strategic influencing for the Chief Information Officer Institute workshops held at Columbia University.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • The CIO Dilemma
  • IT Drivers and Supporters
  • The Strategic Advocacy Mindset
  • Real-World Case Studies
  • Patterns of a Strategically Effective CIO
  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices
  • Implications for Personal Development
  • The Non-IT CIO of the Future
  • Conclusion—New Directions for the CIO of the Future
  • Bibliography