Strategy for the Corporate Level: Where to Invest, What to Cut Back and How to Grow Organisations with Multiple Divisions, 2nd Edition

  • 5h 42m
  • Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, Marcus Alexander, Michael Goold
  • John Wiley & Sons (UK)
  • 2014

This book covers strategy for organisations that operate more than one business, a situation commonly referred to as group-level or corporate-level strategy. Corporate-level strategy addresses four types of decisions that only corporate-level managers can make: which businesses or markets to enter, how much to invest in each business, how to select and guide the managers of these businesses, and which activities to centralise at the corporate level. This book gives managers and executive students all the tools they need to make and review effective corporate strategy across a range of organisations.

In this Book

  • Strategy for the Corporate Level—Summary of the Main Messages
  • Some History—From Boston Box to Three Logics That Drive Corporate Action
  • How to Find Good Businesses and Avoid Bad Businesses
  • How to Make Businesses More Successful
  • How to Buy Low and Sell High
  • Making Decisions about Where to Invest and What to Avoid
  • Ten Sources of Value from Direct Influence
  • Nine Sources of Value from Coordinating across Business Divisions
  • Eight Ways Headquarters Can Destroy Value
  • How to Identify Sources of Added Value for Your Company
  • Structuring the Organisation into Businesses and Divisions
  • Corporate-Level Strategy in Integrated Companies – The Apple Example
  • How Much to Centralise—Designing Corporate Headquarters
  • Developing New Capabilities at Corporate Headquarters
  • Encouraging Synergy and Cooperation across Business Divisions
  • Lessons from 20 Years of Consulting Experience