Stress Into Strength: Resilience Routines for Warriors, Wimps, and Everyone In Between

  • 3h 48m
  • Nick Arnett
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2021

Turn debilitating stress into remarkable strength through proven resilience routines taught by a critical incident instructor and first responder leader, and transform your personal and professional life with insights gained from some of the most stressful professions you can imagine.

Discovering and practicing your ideal rhythm of stress and renewal – physical, social, and spiritual – will enhance your health, strength, and resilience. Stress reactions are automatic, but to transform stress into strength, you need to become intentional about routines that activate your natural renewal systems. The proven tips throughout Stress Into Strength will help you do exactly that.

Nick Arnett has had distinguished, high-stress careers, including as a paramedic and firefighter with experience in domestic and international disasters, as well as in the corporate world as a software founder and executive. For more than 15 years, he has led and taught people how to be resilient through crises large and small. In Stress Into Strength, Nick first shows how our stress reactions and equally natural renewal systems help us to seize opportunities, rise to challenges, and cope with threats.

After reading this book and applying its principles, you will learn how to:

  • Let go once and for all of the stress myths that the human brain’s “negative” bias reinforces.
  • Gain insight into your personality-based stress reactions and channel any negative, knee jerk reactions into positive, long-term responses to overcome your biggest obstacles.
  • Learn how to choose physical, social, and spiritual stress and renewal responses that will help make your more flexible and resilient.
  • Learn tips on when to seek help with trauma, staying undaunted through crisis in the workplace, and even raising resilient children.

About the Author

Nick Arnett is a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) leader and instructor, fire chaplain, wildland firefighter/EMT, and former software founder/executive, journalist, and paramedic with experience in domestic and international disaster response in medical, communications, crisis intervention, and chaplain roles. He has led hundreds of crisis intervention responses with the Bay Area CISM Team for schools, the public, and first responder agencies, including as a consultant to California’s state fire department and other public safety agencies. He is a member of the California Fire Chaplain Association, the executive board of the California Peer Support Association, and co-chair of Santa Clara County’s Collaborating Agencies Disaster Response Effort’s pandemic emotional/spiritual response. He received a Volunteer of the Year award from the Santa Clara County Emergency Managers Association in 2012.

Arnett’s pocket reference guide, “Stress Management and Crisis Response,” is used by hundreds of public safety agencies, chaplains, and other front-line responders. He is also the author of “Resilience During the Pandemic,” an Amazon bestseller in short self-help books.

In this Book

  • Introduction—Stress, Essential to Life
  • Realistic Optimism
  • Obstacles to Renewal—Living Disconnected
  • Building Your Flexibility
  • Physical Resilience Routines—Connecting to Things
  • Social Resilience Routines—Connecting with Others
  • Spiritual Resilience Routines—Connecting with Beliefs
  • Resilience after Trauma
  • Afterword
  • Notes
  • Other Resources