Success is an Inside Job: Includes Bonus Book Brilliant Service is the Bottom Line

  • 1h 8m
  • Simon T. Bailey
  • Sound Wisdom
  • 2015

From the bestselling author Simon T. Bailey comes...

Two classic books combined into one.

Success Is An Inside Job will...

  • Articulate how to increase your self-worth
  • Identify how to shift from success to significance
  • Evaluate how to buy your future
  • Develop your signature presence

Brilliant Service Is The Bottom Line will...

  • Create High-Touch moments in the midst of a High-Tech world
  • Convey why customer ownership is more important than customer service
  • Differentiate your customer experience by creating memorable moments
  • Assess why Service Leaders are important to the operation

About the Author

Simon T. Bailey is a micro-philanthropist who is just a guy from the inner city of Buffalo, NY who wants to put a dent in the universe. He leads an educational company whose purpose is to teach 1 billion people how to be brilliant in life and business. He is the former Sales Director for Disney Institute and one of America's top 10 most booked corporate and association speakers. He is the proud father of two awesome teenagers. He loves movies and cheers on the Buffalo Bills who will win a Super Bowl in his lifetime.

In this Book

  • Get a Vision that Outlives You
  • A Personal Constitution is Your GPS for Life
  • Grow Your Gift
  • Your Future is Created in the Present
  • Quiet Reflection is Long Overdue
  • Break Your Crutches Before they Break You!
  • Wealth cannot Buy Brilliance
  • Disbelief is the Key to Your Destiny
  • Signature Presence is Your Point of Differentiation
  • Self-Worth is Priceless
  • High Touch Always Beats High Tech
  • Cheapness is the Archenemy of Quality Service
  • Cheapness is the Archenemy of Quality Service, Part II—it's all About the Recovery
  • Anticipatory Customer Service is Brilliant
  • Customer Ownership is Common Sense
  • Emotionologists Create Memorable Moments
  • Service Leaders Make the Difference