Successful Integrated Planning for the Supply Chain: Key Organizational and Human Dynamics

  • 4h 47m
  • Richard Lloyd
  • Kogan Page
  • 2018

Managing changes to the supply chain comes with its unique challenges. Supply chain planning presents an especially complex challenge for the change practitioner as multiple stakeholders and functions are involved. Successful Integrated Planning for the Supply Chain evaluates different approaches to change interventions and explores how Integrated Business Planning could be implemented in any organization to create sustainable improvements.

Using frameworks based on extensive academic research, Richard Lloyd considers the potential blocks to an effective supply chain, and advises on how to deal with and identify uncertainties within an organization. Numerous international case studies included throughout show that every project has its own set of unique problems. Successful Integrated Planning for the Supply Chain is an invaluable guide for anyone who needs to implement change in the supply chain.

About the Author

Richard Lloyd is Partner in the supply chain transformation group at Tata Consultancy Services. They are a leader in the global marketplace and among the top 10 technology firms in the world. Previously the author worked for i2 technologies, managing interventions in supply chain planning in global companies including Continental tires, Carrefour and Nokia. He began his supply chain career in Unilever. He has also worked in development work on the global health supply chain in a number of African countries. He lectures at a number of universities on subjects related to the supply chain and change.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Supply Chain Challenge
  • An Outside-in View of An Organization
  • Who Works Here and Why?
  • Digging to Understand How We Got Here
  • Incongruities and Uncertainties: A Look Behind the Scenes
  • Theory of Action: Linking Behaviour to Assumptions
  • The Politics of Information Technology: Patronage and Partnership
  • Wicked Problems: Understanding the Challenge
  • Leadership Approaches to Change
  • Realpolitik and Ideals: Projects
  • Conclusions
  • Platforms and Tools for Change
  • Getting to Agility Faster
  • Case Study Re-imagined
  • Next Steps