Successful ScrumButt: Learn to Modify Scrum Project Management for Student and Virtual Teams

  • 1h 48m
  • Noah Dyer
  • CRC Press
  • 2016
  • Learn key techniques for maintaining enthusiasm for your project across its lifetime and have the confidence that every hour spent on your project is having maximum benefit.
  • Includes instructions for using Assembla and other popular and free Scrum software. This will save people time identifying and learning a software package to help implement Scrum principles.
  • Activities to introduce people to Scrum and practice Scrum principles. These are fun ways to learn Scrum in a low pressure atmosphere where delivery and execution are not paramount.
  • Soft Skills Sections help readers understand not only the action to be taken and the principle, but how to effectively communicate with others regarding Scrum practices, particularly problem solving.
  • Excel templates, activities for implementing Scrum in a low tech environment and planning cards that make Scrum planning activities easier and feel more official are included for download and easy printing.
  • Do It Now: Tips for integrating the principle in a chapter right away, even if full Scrum is not yet fully understood and achievable.


Have you ever seen a promising project get abandoned right when it seemed like it was getting ready to launch, or a project that always seemed like it was going to launch "next month," but took many months or even years before it actually launched? Scrum may be the solution to such woes. It is a project management methodology that, when applied faithfully, will increase the rate at which your project is completed, the enjoyment your team has while working on it, and its commercial success.

Converting to scrum can be a challenge for any team, but it is particularly painful for part time, virtual, and student teams. Successful Scrumbutt helps teams quickly learn scrum project management and adapt it to their unique situations. Author Noah Dyer illustrates key techniques for maintaining a team's productivity and enthusiasm for a project across its lifetime in fun, engaging, and slightly irreverent ways.

About the Author

Noah Dyer is the Vice President of Marketing Strategies at On Advertising, where he oversees all project management activity and, of course, strategic planning. He was formerly a Professor of Game Production and Programming at the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona, where he was responsible for facilitating collaboration between the University s Game Studio and the video game industry at large. He was also charged with fostering tighter collaboration between the game art and animation, game programming, game design, and game production degree programs.

In this Book

  • How I Came to Scrum
  • Why is Scrum the Solution?
  • Why ScrumButt
  • How to Use This Book
  • The First Secret of Scrum: The Product Owner
  • The Second Secret of Scrum: The Product Backlog
  • The Third Secret of Scrum: The Superheroes
  • The Fourth Secret of Scrum: Sprint Planning and Sprint Backlog
  • The Fifth Secret of Scrum: The ScrumMaster and Scrum Coach
  • The Sixth Secret of Scrum: Daily Stand-Ups
  • The Seventh Secret of Scrum: Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives
  • Do It!


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