Supercharged Supply Chains: Discover Unparalleled Business Planning and Execution Practices

  • 7h 3m
  • James Bentzley, James G. Correll, Lloyd C. Snowden
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

Supercharged Supply Chains: Discover Unparalleled Business Planning and Execution Practices provides authoritative guidance on effective Supply Chain Management. Written by the experts at Oliver Wight, a leading global consultancy firm, the book provides readers with a clear understanding of what is required to operate at a Class A Excellent level. The operating principles are supported by practical examples and cases that demonstrate why typical approaches fail, and why Unparalleled Business Planning and Execution Practices succeed.

Based on the popular Oliver Wight class that focuses on Unparalleled Business and Execution processes, the text is designed to put companies on track to successfully operate Business Excellence Planning. Readers get a contemporary view of the processes, learn about new technology for implementing solutions, and are presented with change methods that address the people and behaviors vital to supply chain operations. Topics include demand planning, Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP), master scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity planning, data accuracy, factory scheduling supplier planning, implementation, business improvement, new technologies and more. Outlining the practices that have boosted the health of supply chains for more than 25 years, this invaluable book:

  • Describes how the Business Excellence Practices resolve the common problems encountered in operating a supply chain
  • Provides strategies and methods to significantly improve customer service, financials and grow the business
  • Identifies when and how Unparalleled Planning and Execution Practices should be applied Guarantees success if the recommendations are followed

Supercharged Supply Chains: Discover Unparalleled Business Planning and Execution Practices is essential reading for all executives and anyone involved in forecasting, planning, scheduling, inventory control, finance, production, purchasing and management of supply chains. It provides a great overview of the entire supply chain and goes into great detail regarding each element that makes up the supply chain. It also explains in depth how all functions of a company play an important role.

In this Book

  • Churn: The Cause of Disruption
  • Get the Basics Right: Eliminate the Churn
  • Inventory: Essential to Know What You Have
  • Bill of Material: A Solid Foundation
  • Routings: Accuracy Required for Valid Plans
  • Manage MRP: Do not Let MRP Manage You (Do not Let the Tail Wag the Dog)
  • Mastering the Master Schedule: Meeting Customer Requests at Optimal Cost
  • Integrated Business Planning: Leadership from the Top
  • Product and Portfolio Management: Offer What Customers Need, Not What You Think They Need
  • Demand Planning: The Art of Demand Planning and Execution
  • Managing Internal Priorities: Delivering Products on Time
  • Capacity Planning: Short, Medium, and Long Term
  • External Sourcing and Supplier Planning: Reaping the Benefits of Valid Scheduling
  • Supply Chain: Ensuring There is End-to-End Flow
  • Finance, Integrated and Proactive: Top-Down and Bottom-Up
  • Business Improvement: Being Lean and Agile
  • Technology Enhancements: What You need and not Just Following a Market Trend
  • People and Behaviors: Get the Team Behind You and Plans will be Delivered
  • Implementation: Where to Start