Sustainability to Social Change: Lead Your Company from Managing Risks to Creating Social Value

  • 5h 2m
  • Bradley Googins, Philip Mirvis
  • Kogan Page
  • 2022

Is your company using its talent to create social value? Or is it simply managing risks? To address the problems facing society and business today, sustainability is not good enough.

Instead, companies need to do their part to lead social change. In Sustainability to Social Change, leadership and social innovation experts Philip Mirvis and Bradley K. Googins share their hands-on research to reveal how leaders can design and guide their companies to create more inclusive prosperity and become agents of social change. The book reveals the inside story of how socially innovative companies are making the strategic shift from minimizing risk to creating social value. It then outlines the strategies and practices that leaders can use to address the five biggest problems facing companies and society today: Purpose, Prosperity, Products, Planet and People.

Filled with real life examples, hands-on guidelines and self-assessments to rate your company's performance, Sustainability to Social Change helps you pivot your company's mindset and practices in order to enhance society and the environment, and fuel its own success. Online resources include a guide to help employees become socially conscious, operate in a purposeful company, become allies for equity and social justice, add social value at work and establish "green" habits.

About the Author

Philip Mirvis is an organizational psychologist who serves as senior research fellow for the Global Network on Corporate Citizenship and Babson Social Innovation Lab. He is based in Ranchos des Taos, New Mexico. He has led public and corporate seminars, and lectured in over 50 nations throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa, and in Brazil and Australia.

Bradley Googins is a retired professor and former Director of the Center of Corporate Citizenship at Boston College. He is currently a visiting professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Catholic University of Milan. He is based in Watertown, Massachusetts.

In this Book

  • Sources
  • Introduction
  • Sustainability—The End of the Beginning
  • Social Change—The Start of Something New
  • Business as an Agent of Change—Four Icons
  • How to Change Your Company to Change the World
  • Put Social Purpose First
  • Create Equity and Inclusive Prosperity
  • Engage the “Whole” Person
  • Design and Market Products and Services with Social Value
  • Help the Planet to Flourish
  • Collaborate for Systemic Social Change
  • Notes