SVG Pocket Primer

  • 3h 14m
  • Oswald Campesato
  • Mercury Learning
  • 2017

This book provides an introduction to the features of SVG and D3, such as creating 2D shapes, handling mouse events, creating animation effects, and rendering charts and graphs. This book also contains graphics and animation effects using “pure” CSS3, as well as effects created with jQuery combined with CSS3. This Pocket Primer is primarily for self-directed learners who are comfortable with HTML/CSS/Javascript and who also want to learn about vector graphics, and how to combine SVG and D3 with ReactJS and AngularJS. Moreover, this Pocket Primer is a starting point for people who need to combine SVG and D3 with libraries and frameworks for Web applications.


  • Provides an introduction to the features of SVG and D3
  • Teaches how to combine SVG and D3 with ReactJS and AngularJS

About the Author

Oswald Campesato (San Francisco, CA) specializes in D3, Java, Android, jQuery, and CSS3/SVG graphics. He is the author/co-author of over twenty books including the Python Pocket Primer, jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 for Mobile and Desktop Devices, and the HTML5 Pocket Primer (Mercury Learning).

In this Book

  • Introduction to SVG
  • SVG Gradients and Filters
  • SVG Transforms
  • Ellipses, Arcs, and Bezier Curves
  • Introduction to CSS3 Graphics and Animation
  • Introduction to D3
  • Mouse Events and Animation Effects
  • Data Visualization
  • Designing Mobile Apps
  • Miscellaneous Topics