Swanson on Internal Auditing: Raising the Bar

  • 3h 32m
  • Dan Swanson
  • IT Governance
  • 2010

A wealth of knowledge on internal auditing all in one place ... A must-read for corporate executives, accountants, IT staff, board members, security and auditing practitioners, and more!

Read this book for definitive guidance on implementing and developing the internal audit function

As a profession, internal audit sits somewhere between having a low profile that is barely mentioned in governance regulations, through to making a key contribution to better corporate transparency by improving how risk is perceived and addressed. A low-key approach has the danger that the value of internal audit may be overlooked, while a higher profile creates greater expectations which must be fully met as auditors reach out towards a new, more challenging role.

Learn to develop the true internal audit function: This book provides concise commentary on strategic issues regarding the way internal audit is established, planned and performed. High-level issues sit alongside practical guidance to ensure the book has an appeal to all levels of internal audit management and staff, as each reader can dip into a range of important topics.

Make use of extensive resources and research: Drawing on a wide range of sources, this book makes many references to websites and significant documents that act as a roadmap to encourage further exploration. Commentaries on the wide variety of topics that the author has examined over the years are followed up by various references, including the most important work of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Read this comprehensive guide for valuable knowledge and insights:

  • Get to grips with key topics of the internal audit: This book opens with chapters that explain the internal audit function as a concept, and then looks at specific topics that internal auditors must know: risk management, IT security, business continuity, ethics and compliance, and much more.
  • Enhance the internal audit to allow your organisation to improve: Internal auditing provides unbiased information to help management make better decisions. Through developing your audit function, you allow your organisation to improve, whilst better monitoring activity.
  • Navigate risks and increase business prospects: By learning how to properly implement the internal audit, you will provide a strong foundation for advancing your organisation whilst navigating and dealing with risk.

Many of the subjects in this book were first discussed in Compliance Week, and it is rewarding and convenient to re-read them all here in one volume. This book is comprehensive, yet concise and, with a full discussion of numerous different internal audit challenges and practices in one place, it can be easily used as a reference manual to help frame the problems you face, and guide the solutions you implement. The importance of internal auditing is here to stay, and the profession has now become complex and critical enough that you may need all the help you can get!

About the Author

Dan Swanson is a 26-year internal audit veteran, who was formerly the Director of Professional Practices at the Institute of Internal Auditors. Swanson writes a monthly internal audit column for AuditNet, a quarterly IT audit column for the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA), and a monthly IT governance resource newsletter for IT Governance Ltd. He previously wrote a monthly internal audit column for Compliance Week.

In this Book

  • Swanson on Internal Auditing — “Raising the Bar”
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Book Overview
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Internal Audit
  • The Professional Practice of Internal Audit
  • Improving Internal Audit Results
  • My Favorites
  • IIA Related Guidance
  • Priorities for the Coming Decade
  • Tackling IT Audit
  • Healthcare Internal Auditing
  • IT Audit Checklists
  • AuditNet Dan Swanson’s Columns
  • IT World Canada: IT Security Resource Blog
  • Sentinel: The IT Governance Newsletter
  • CIO Canada: IT Management Columns
  • Keeping Our Kids Safe!
  • Learn from the Past and “Think”
  • An EDPACS Article
  • International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards)
  • Global Technology Audit Guides
  • A Primer on Corporate Duties
  • Assurance Conundrum
  • The Perils Of Mount Must Read: Confessions of a Cliff Note Junky
  • Norman Marks on Governance
  • Charles Le Grand on Technology
  • ITG Resources