Swarm Intelligence for Resource Management in Internet of Things

  • 3h 4m
  • Aboul Ella Hassanien
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Internet of Things (IoT) is a new platform of various physical objects or “things” equipped with sensors, electronics, smart devices, software, and network connections. IoT represents a new revolution of the Internet network which is driven by the recent advances of technologies such as sensor networks (wearable and implantable), mobile devices, networking, and cloud computing technologies. IoT permits these the smart devices to collect, store and analyze the collected data with limited storage and processing capacities.

Swarm Intelligence for Resource Management in the Internet of Things presents a new approach in Artificial Intelligence that can be used for resources management in IoT, which is considered a critical issue for this network. The authors demonstrate these resource management applications using swarm intelligence techniques. Currently, IoT can be used in many important applications which include healthcare, smart cities, smart homes, smart hospitals, environment monitoring, and video surveillance. IoT devices cannot perform complex on-site data processing due to their limited battery and processing. However, the major processing unit of an application can be transmitted to other nodes, which are more powerful in terms of storage and processing. By applying swarm intelligence algorithms for IoT devices, we can provide major advantages for energy saving in IoT devices. Swarm Intelligence for Resource Management in the Internet of Things shows the reader how to overcome the problems and challenges of creating and implementing swarm intelligence algorithms for each application

  • Examines the development and application of swarm intelligence systems in artificial intelligence as applied to the Internet of Things
  • Discusses intelligent techniques for the implementation of swarm intelligence in IoT
  • Prepared for researchers and specialists who are interested in the use and integration of IoT and cloud computing technologies

In this Book

  • Swarm Intelligence Algorithms and Their Applications in Internet of Things
  • Swarm Intelligence as a Solution for Technological Problems Associated with Internet of Things
  • Arbitrary Walk with Minimum Length Based Route Identification Scheme in Graph Structure for Opportunistic Wireless Sensor Network
  • Cyberphysical Systems in the Smart City—Challenges and Future Trends for Strategic Research
  • A New Swarm Intelligence Framework for the Internet of Medical Things System in Healthcare
  • Current Vulnerabilities, Challenges and Attacks on Routing Protocols for Mobile ad Hoc Network—A Review
  • Swarm Intelligence for Intelligent Transport Systems—Opportunities and Challenges
  • Retracted—Role of Internet of Things and Image Processing for the Development of Agriculture Robots