Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide: A combined INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework (SECF) and associated Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide (SECAG) Document

  • 13h 34m
  • Clifford Whitcomb, INCOSE
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2023

Systems Engineering

Compilation of 37 competencies needed for systems engineering, with information for individuals and organizations on how to identify and assess competence

This book provides guidance on how to evaluate proficiency in the competencies defined in the systems engineering competency framework and how to differentiate between proficiency at each of the five levels of proficiency defined within that document. Readers will learn how to create a benchmark standard for each level of proficiency within each competence area, define a set of standardized terminology for competency indicators to promote like-for-like comparison, and provide typical non-domain-specific indicators of evidence which may be used to confirm experience in each competency area.

Sample topics covered by the three highly qualified authors include:

  • The five proficiency levels: awareness, supervised practitioner, practitioner, lead practitioner, and expert
  • The numerous knowledge, skills, abilities, and behavior indicators of each proficiency level
  • What an individual needs to know and be able to do in order to behave as an effective systems engineer
  • How to develop training courses, education curricula, job advertisements, job descriptions, and job performance evaluation criteria for system engineering positions

For organizations, companies, and individual practitioners of systems engineering, this book is a one-stop resource for considering the competencies defined in the systems engineering competency framework and judging individuals based off them.

About the Author

Clifford Whitcomb, PhD, is an INCOSE Fellow and Chair of the INCOSE Competency Working Group (CWG). He is also affiliated with the Naval Postgraduate School and Cornell University. He previously published Effective Interpersonal and Team Communication Skills for Engineers (2013) with Wiley.

Lori Zipes is an INCOSE ESEP and Co-Chair of the INCOSE Competency Working Group (CWG). She is also affiliated with the US Navy Naval Sea Systems Command.

Ian Presland is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (FIET), an INCOSE ESEP. He has been affiliated with the INCOSE Competency Working Group (CWG) since its inception.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • SECF Introduction
  • INCOSE Se Competency Framework Definition
  • Using the Competency Framework
  • SECF Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • SECF Glossary
  • SECF Bibliography
  • SECF Annex A—Summary and Rationale for Changes in the SECF Second Edition
  • SECF Annex B—Alignment with INCOSE and Other Initiatives
  • SECF Annex C—Defining Roles Using the Framework
  • SECF Annex D—INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework
  • SECF Annex E—SECF Comment Form
  • SECAG Introduction
  • Tailoring the Assessment Guide
  • Using the Assessment Guide
  • Explanation of Assessment Guide Tables
  • SECAG Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • SECAG Glossary
  • SECAG Bibliography
  • SECAG Annex A—Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide Tables
  • SECAG Annex B—Framework Implementation Examples
  • SECAG Annex C—SECAG Comment Form