Tax Planning and Compliance for Tax-Exempt Organizations: Rules, Checklists, Procedures, 2006 Cumulative Supplement, Fourth Edition

  • 2h 18m
  • Jody Blazek
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2006

Clear-cut answers to all procedural and tax process questions

An indispensable guide through the complex maze of nonprofit tax rules and regulations, this book provides clear, concise instructions for filing Form 990s and other important IRS forms and documents. It also provides practical guidance on obtaining the tax exemption; reporting to boards, auditors, and the IRS; testing ongoing tax compliance; and managing lobbying expenditure. This practical guide provides guidance for the significant issues facing nonprofit organizations: unrelated business income, private inurement, affiliations, and employment taxes, and it includes handy checklists and complete citations. As an added bonus, this text is supplemented annually to keep subscribers up-to-date on relevant changes in IRS forms, requirements, and related tax procedures.

In this Book

  • Qualifying Under IRC §501(c)(3)
  • Religious Organizations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Civic Leagues and Local Associations of Employees: §501(c)(4)
  • Labor, Agricultural, and Horticultural Organizations: §501(c)(5)
  • Social Clubs: §501(c)(7)
  • Instrumentalities of Government and Title-Holding Corporations
  • Public Charities
  • Private Foundations—General Concepts
  • Excise Tax Based on Investment Income: IRC §4940
  • Self-Dealing: IRC §4941
  • Minimum Distribution Requirements: IRC §4942
  • Excess Business Holdings and Jeopardizing Investments: IRC §4943 and §4944
  • Taxable Expenditures: IRC §4945
  • IRS Filings, Procedures, and Policies
  • Private Inurement and Intermediate Sanctions
  • Unrelated Business Income
  • Relationships with Other Organizations and Businesses
  • Electioneering and Lobbying
  • Deductibility and Disclosures
  • Employment Taxes
  • Mergers, Bankruptcies, and Terminations
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of IRS Revenue Rulings
  • Table of IRS Revenue Procedures