Technological Development and Impact on Economic and Environmental Sustainability

  • 7h 54m
  • Mahmut Unsal Sasmaz, Omer Faruk Ozturk, Yilmaz Bayar
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

The globalized world has experienced significant improvements in production and consumption in a heterogeneous way since the industrial revolution. However, the considerable environmental degradation and energy wars resulting from the limited fossil energy sources brought the issue of sustainable development to the world agenda. Sustainable development has become one of the most discussed issues at country and international levels and requires further investigation to fully understand how we can move towards a more sustainable future.

Technological Development and Impact on Economic and Environmental Sustainability explores the determinants of economic, social, and environmental sustainability from a multidisciplinary perspective in the globalized world, analyzes the impacts of applied sustainable policies, and considers the improvements in the Sustainable Development Goals. Covering topics such as economic growth and climate change, this reference work is ideal for researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners, industry professionals, instructors, and students.

About the Author

Yilmaz Bayar awarded the PhD degree in the field of Economics in Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences in 2012. He worked as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration, Karabuk University during the period September 2012-March 2015 and as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Usak University during the period March 2015-October 2020 and now working as a Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University, since October 2020.

Mahmut Unsal Sasmaz was awarded the B.A. and M.A. degrees at Usak University and his Ph.D. degree at the Department of Public Finance in Dumlupinar University. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Usak University. His major research interests are financial incentives, fiscal policy and environmental policy.

Omer Faruk Ozturk was born in Afyonkarahisar in 1981. He graduated from the Department of Economics at Erciyes University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Completing his master’s degree in Economics at Usak University Social Sciences Institute and his Ph.D. degree in the joint Public FInance program of Usak University-Afyon Kocatepe University, the author still serves as a faculty member in the Department of Public Finance at Usak University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

In this Book

  • Impact of Information and Communication Technology on CO2 Emissions—Evidence from EU Transition Economies
  • Assessing Climate Change and Predicting Its Effect on Efficiency and Heat Rate of Thermal Power Plants in 2050
  • Effects of Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Practices on Environmental Sustainability—A Study on Industrial Companies in Turkey
  • Cooperative Approach for Intelligent and Smart Agriculture System
  • The Socioeconomic and Political Ramifications of Climate Migration in the 21st Century
  • Applying a Panel Data Analysis to Determinants of Output in BRICS-T Countries
  • The Interaction among R&D Expenses and Economic Growth Evidence from EU Transition Economies
  • The Relationship between Technological Development and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies—Panel Causality Analysis
  • The Effect of Attitudes and Behaviors towards New Technologies on Performance of Academicians
  • Identification of Factors Affecting the Exports of High-Tech Products—A Panel Data Analysis
  • The Relationship of Technological Change with Economic Growth from the Perspective of Institutional Economics
  • Evaluation of the Development Level of Provinces in Turkey and Incentives for Research and Development
  • Use of Augmented Reality Technology in Marketing
  • Sustainable Tourism and the COVID-19 Crisis
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic and Agricultural Futures in the USA—Evidence from a Dynamic Fourier Quantile Causality Test
  • Secure Smart Grid Management Maturity within Big Data
  • The Transformation Framework—The Role of Artificial Intelligence for Military Strategies (RAI4MS)
  • Business Architecture and Transformation Projects—Enterprise Holistic Security Risk Management (ESRM)
  • Compilation of References