TensorFlow in Action

  • 11h 6m
  • Thushan Ganegedara
  • Manning Publications
  • 2022

Unlock the TensorFlow design secrets behind successful deep learning applications! Deep learning StackOverflow contributor Thushan Ganegedara teaches you the new features of TensorFlow 2 in this hands-on guide.

In TensorFlow in Action you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of TensorFlow
  • Implementing deep learning networks
  • Picking a high-level Keras API for model building with confidence
  • Writing comprehensive end-to-end data pipelines
  • Building models for computer vision and natural language processing
  • Utilizing pretrained NLP models
  • Recent algorithms including transformers, attention models, and ElMo

In TensorFlow in Action, you'll dig into the newest version of Google's amazing TensorFlow framework as you learn to create incredible deep learning applications. Author Thushan Ganegedara uses quirky stories, practical examples, and behind-the-scenes explanations to demystify concepts otherwise trapped in dense academic papers. As you dive into modern deep learning techniques like transformer and attention models, you’ll benefit from the unique insights of a top StackOverflow contributor for deep learning and NLP.

about the technology

Google’s TensorFlow framework sits at the heart of modern deep learning. Boasting practical features like multi-GPU support, network data visualization, and easy production pipelines using TensorFlow Extended (TFX), TensorFlow provides the most efficient path to professional AI applications. And the Keras library, fully integrated into TensorFlow 2, makes it a snap to build and train even complex models for vision, language, and more.

about the book

TensorFlow in Action teaches you to construct, train, and deploy deep learning models using TensorFlow 2. In this practical tutorial, you’ll build reusable skill hands-on as you create production-ready applications such as a French-to-English translator and a neural network that can write fiction. You’ll appreciate the in-depth explanations that go from DL basics to advanced applications in NLP, image processing, and MLOps, complete with important details that you’ll return to reference over and over.

About the Author

Thushan Ganegedara is a senior ML engineer at Canva and TensorFlow expert. He holds a PhD in machine learning from the University of Sydney.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • About This Book
  • The Amazing World of TensorFlow
  • TensorFlow 2
  • Keras and Data Retrieval in TensorFlow 2
  • Dipping Toes in Deep Learning
  • State-of-the-art in Deep Learning: Transformers
  • Teaching Machines to See—Image Classification with Cnns
  • Teaching Machines to See Better—Improving Cnns and Making Them Confess
  • Telling Things Apart—Image Segmentation
  • Natural Language Processing with Tensorflow—Sentiment Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing with Tensorflow—Language Modeling
  • Sequence-to-sequence Learning—Part 1
  • Sequence-to-sequence Learning—Part 2
  • Transformers
  • TensorBoard—Big Brother of TensorFlow
  • TFX—MLOps and Deploying Models with TensorFlow
  • Appendix A Setting up the Environment
  • Appendix B Computer Vision
  • Appendix C Natural Language Processing