Teradata SQL Quick Reference Guide: Simplicity by Design, Second Edition

  • 2h 7m
  • Michael Larkins, Steve Wilmes, Tom Coffing
  • Coffing Data Warehousing
  • 2006

Asking the right questions is half the battle to greatly impacting the company's bottom line, but sometimes knowing the proper SQL inhibits users from taking their shot at corporate greatness. This book is dedicated to assisting users in asking the right questions by providing an easy to understand guide that takes the difficulty out of SQL.

The purpose of SQL Reference Guide – Simplicity by Design is simple: Users need an easy and concise reference book at their fingertips that they can refer to, without having to search through larger books for SQL help.

About the Authors

Tom is President, CEO, and Founder of Coffing Data Warehousing. He is an internationally known consultant, facilitator, speaker, trainer, and executive coach with an extensive background in data warehousing. Tom has helped implement data warehousing in over 40 major data warehouse accounts, spoken in over 20 countries, and has provided consulting and Teradata training to over 8,000 individuals involved in data warehousing globally. He has co-authored many books on data warehousing.

Mr. Coffing has also published over 20 data warehousing articles and has been a contributing columnist to DM Review on the subject of data warehousing. He wrote a monthly column for DM Review entitled, "Teradata Territory". He is a nationally known speaker and gives frequent seminars on Data Warehousing. He is also known as "The Speech Doctor" because of his presentation skills and sales seminars.

Tom Coffing has taken his expert speaking and data warehouse knowledge and revolutionized the way technical training and consultant services are delivered. He founded CoffingDW with the same philosophy more than a decade ago. Centered around 10 Teradata Certified Masters, this dynamic and growing company teaches every Teradata class, provides world class Teradata consultants, offers a suite of software products to enhance Teradata data warehouses, and has eight books published on Teradata.

Tom has a bachelor's degree in Speech Communications and over 25 years of business and technical computer experience. Tom is considered by many to be the best technical and business speaker in the United States. He has trained and consulted at so many Teradata sites that students affectionately call him Tera-Tom.

A Teradata Certified Master, Mike is considered one of the top SQL experts in the industry and is co-author of Teradata SQL Unleash the Power, the #1 best seller at Partners 2001. His computer career spans 30 years in a variety of related positions: computer operations, programmer, systems analyst, operating systems support, consultant, and college instructor.

A Teradata Certified Master, Steve Wilmes is considered one of the best Teradata Database Administrators in the country. Steve is the President of CoffingDW and is a recognized expert on all aspects of Data Warehousing from hardware to Advanced SQL. Steve has trained and consulted at the largest Data Warehouses in the world for CoffingDW.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • Help, Show, Explain, User Information Functions
  • Data Conversions
  • Aggregation Functions
  • Joins - Original Join Syntax
  • Character String Processing
  • OLAP Functions
  • Set Operator Commands
  • Data Manipulation Language Commands
  • Data Interrogation
  • Views
  • Macros
  • Transaction Processing
  • Transaction Modes
  • Reporting Totals and Subtotals
  • Data Definition Language
  • Temporary Tables
  • Triggers
  • Current_Date