The 21 Irrefutable Truths of Trading: A Trader's Guide To Developing A Mind To Win

  • 4h 23m
  • John H. Hayden
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2000

Strategies for traders to master the most important trading tool – their minds.

Psychology is 80% of the high-stakes trader's game. And within the mind of any successful trader exist surprisingly similar emotions and psychological beliefs. The 21 Irrefutable Truths of Trading introduces these values and beliefs, then explains how traders can and must work to understand and harness these beliefs, and gain the psychological edge necessary to win in today's all-or-nothing trading battlefield. Divided into two parts, the first focusing on common strengths and weaknesses, the second on ways to enhance the strengths and control the weaknesses while trading, The 21 Irrefutable Truths of Trading introduces:

  • Techniques to develop certainty, intuition, and discipline.
  • Technical analysis and trading methodologies to trade more effectively.
  • How to properly align trading with the movement of the market.

About the Author

John Hayden is a full-time trader and the director of risk management at Directional Research and Trading, Inc., an offshore hedge fund based in New York. He has successfully traded the stock, cash, and futures markets for over 20 years. A former account manager for managed money at Lind-Waldock and commodities analysis partner to CTA Andrew Card-well, Hayden speaks extensively to working brokers and brokerage houses.

In this Book

  • The 21 Irrefutable Truths Of Trading—A Trader’s Guide To Developing A Mind To Win
  • Introduction
  • Egotistical Traders and Traders With False Beliefs Always Lose
  • Faith—The Foundation Of All Outstanding Traders
  • Confidence Is Required For Success
  • Disciplined Traders Are Consistently Profitable
  • Courageous Traders Win Big
  • Intuition Doesn’t Mean “Into Wishing”
  • Persistent Traders Love To Trade
  • Integrity— Much More Than Mere Honesty
  • Flexible Traders Adapt As The Markets Change
  • Fear—Everyone Has It; You Must Control It
  • Anger—Easy To Feel, Liberating To Overcome
  • Doubt and Indecision—A Surefire Way To Ruin
  • Losing Money—The Trader’s Cost Of Doing Business
  • Consistent Profits Come From Empowering Beliefs
  • The Strategy Of Determining The Market Consensus
  • Entry and Exit Strategies
  • Money Management Strategies
  • Developing A Written Strategy For Trading Your Methodology
  • Fundamental Analysis Strategies
  • Computer Systems and The Fallacy Of Optimization
  • Length Of Time To Master Trading Skills
  • Conclusion: Bringing It All Together