The 80/20 Principle: Achieve More with Less, Updated 4th Edition

  • 5h 18m
  • Richard Koch
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2022


Millions of highly effective people have become more successful by understanding the simple fact that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. All you have to do is identify the 20 percent that leads to 80 percent. The 80/20 Principle shows you how.

Richard Koch’s million-copy-selling global bestseller is now completely revised and updated, and more powerful and essential than ever. He reveals how the principle works and shows how to use it in a systematic and practical way to vastly increase your effectiveness, and improve your career.

The unspoken corollary to the 80/20 principle is that little of what you spend your time on actually counts. But by concentrating on those things that do, you can unlock the enormous potential of the magic 20 percent. Discover how to identify the few methods that will lead to great results, and use them alone. Avoid hard work. Don’t push water uphill. Be very selective in what you do. Have a great life.

80/20 is the essential tool for anyone who wants to succeed.

Be more effective with less effort by learning how to leverage the 80/20 principle.

About the Author

Richard Koch is the bestselling author of The 80/20 Individual. An extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, his ventures have included consulting for hotels, restaurants, personal organizers, and the distilling industry. A former consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and former partner of Bain and Company, he currently lives in London, England.

In this Book

  • The 80/20 View of 80/20!
  • Welcome to the 80/20 Principle
  • How to Think 80/20
  • The Underground Cult
  • Why Your Strategy is Wrong
  • Simple is Beautiful
  • Hooking the Right Customers
  • The Top 10 Business Uses of 80/20
  • The Vital Few Give Success to You
  • Freedom
  • Happiness
  • Time
  • Lifestyle
  • Friends
  • Lazy Achievement
  • Money
  • Intuition
  • Success Through 80/20 Networks
  • When 80/20 Becomes 90/10
  • Your Place in the 80/20 Future
  • Conclusion
  • Notes and References
  • Extract from my Appearance on the Tim Ferriss Show