The 9 Faces of HR: A Disruptor's Guide to Mastering Innovation and Driving Real Change

  • 3h 28m
  • Kris Dunn
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • 2019

Popular blogger and CHRO Kris Dunn presents a hard, but compelling reality: every HR professional on the planet can be classified as one of 9 “Faces” based on your career level and your ability to innovate and drive change. The book opens with a behavioral assessment, so readers can quickly identify their own “HR Face” then reveals career tracks, behavioral markers, ROI, macro-trends driving behavior, and market demand for each face. Which face are you? Which one do you want to be? Whether you’re a solo HR pro trying to make your way in the world or an HR leader trying to build a cohesive HR team, this is your no-BS playbook to empowering your HR career and elevating our profession.

About the Author

Kris Dunn is a long-time thought leader with 100+ speaking engagements, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of two industry-leading blogs: The HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent. He is currently Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix, a national RPO/recruiting firm based in Atlanta.

In this Book

  • Meet Jenn, VP of HR at GridLoad
  • Absolutely No One Grows Up Dreaming of a Career in HR
  • My Life with the Crazy People Who Hate HR
  • HR Stereotypes and the Evolution of HR Saying "Yes"
  • HR's Big Innovation Problem
  • How the 9 Face of HR Model Works
  • The Great BS Artists Who Gave Us the 9-Box Grid and Performance vs. Potential
  • HR Nerd Alert: The Four Factors That Drive the Ability to Innovate, Add Value, and Drive Change in HR
  • Professional Tourette's Is Dangerous (Cognitive Skills)
  • Give Me What I Want or I'll Ruin Your Career (Assertiveness)
  • Take this OPS Manual and Shove It (Rules Orientation)
  • May I Show You My Signed Picture of Dale Carnegie? (Detail Orientation)
  • Let's Do This: A Tour of the 9 Faces of HR
  • The Natural
  • The Mentor
  • The Judge
  • The Assassin
  • The Fixer
  • The Cop
  • The Rookie
  • The Clerk
  • The Machine
  • Your Future Boss Thinks You Suck!
  • Staying Alive: Using The 9 Faces of HR to Protect and Build your Career
  • Build It and They Will Come: Using the 9 Faces of HR as a CHRO/VP of HR
  • C-Level Notes: Using The 9 Faces of HR Model to Find and Select a CHRO/VP of HR
  • Career Mobility Inside The 9 Faces of HR Model
  • Closing Time