The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements, Third Edition

  • 23h 52m
  • Ashwinpaul C. Sondhi, Dov Fried, Gerald I. White
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2003

The Analysis And Use Of Financial Statements, Third Edition integrates accounting economic theory, and empirical research to provide a framework for financial statement analysis in a user-oriented context. Co-written by academics and practitioners, this is the only text that reaches students to first understand how financial statements are generated. Principles of analysis are then illustrated through the extensive use of actual corporate financial statements.


  • NEW cases have been added to the book companion web site to develop students' research and analytical skills.
  • Accounting Standards (US and International) have been updated to reflect the latest pronouncements.
  • Real companies used to illustrate financial analysis techniques.
  • End-of-chapter problem material based on US and non - US financial statements such as Holmen, Roche & Takada Chemical.
  • Comprehensive coverage of financial statement analysis tools and techniques.
  • Companion Web site which includes annual reports of companies featured in the third edition, appendices, cases, plus updates for new financial accounting standards.

In this Book

  • The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements, Third Edition
  • Framework For Financial Statement Analysis
  • Accounting Income And Assets: The Accrual Concept
  • Analysis Of Cash Flows
  • Chapter 4: Foundations Of Ratio And Financial Analysis
  • Empirical Research: Implications For Financial Statement Analysis
  • Analysis Of Inventories
  • Analysis Of Long-Lived Assets: Part I—The Capitalization Decision
  • Analysis Of Long-Lived Assets: Part II—Analysis Of Depreciation And Impairment
  • Analysis Of Income Taxes
  • Analysis Of Financing Liabilities
  • Leases And Off-Balance-Sheet Debt
  • Pensions And Other Employee Benefits
  • Analysis Of Intercorporate Investments
  • Analysis Of Business Combinations
  • Analysis Of Multinational Operations
  • Derivatives And Hedging Activities
  • Analysis Of Financial Statements: A Synthesis
  • Chapter 18: Accounting- And Finance-Based Measures Of Risk
  • Valuation And Forecasting
  • Present Value Tables
  • Bibliography