The Apprentice and the Project Manager: Lessons for Developing an Agile Mindset

  • 39m
  • Kamal Manglani
  • Happy About
  • 2014

People and organizations constantly struggle with the pace of change and limited resources. This book narrates important lessons on how people and organizations can win in today's competitive and ever changing environment through short stories sharing experiences of an apprentice in an auto workshop, who learns the various types of optimizations, and who later expands these optimizations in his corporate job. The optimizations draw upon principles from Lean.

This book expresses the importance of short review cycles that support a shift in behaviors and habits through numerous parallels drawn from an auto workshop and later at a corporate culture.

Human behaviors are used to understand what we need to do in order to make us all better performers. When we start to measure those behaviors we start to see our wasteful habits and start to understand what we need to alter or cut out completely. The Apprentice and The Project Manager will help the reader identify these and similar challenges they are sure to face in their professional fields, even outside of technology. This book will enable the reader to get started on a journey to develop an Agile Mindset that is critical for survival of today's leaders and organizations within or outside of technology.

About the Author

Kamal Manglani is an Agile Practitioner and a Thought leader in this space. His background is a strong hands on practitioner experience delivering cutting edge technology products in fast paced Fortune 500 companies and has successfully implemented Agile across global brands from US, Europe and Indian Markets. Kamal has pioneered and customized Agile practices within IT Infrastructure applying Lean Kanban principles.

In this Book

  • The Apprentice and the Project Manager—Lessons for Developing an Agile Mindset
  • Introduction
  • The Auto Apprentice & the Project Manager
  • Process Monkey
  • The Journey to a Positive “NO”
  • Strategically Re-invest/Pivot
  • Piling Debt Needs to Be Paid Off
  • Mr. Grumpy’s Driver
  • Attack Tree
  • Lean Infrastructure
  • Financial Health Check
  • Conclusion


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