The Art and Style of Product Photography

  • 4h 38m
  • J. Dennis Thomas
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2014

From cereal boxes to billboards to photos on Amazon, product photos have a strong impact on viewers. Now you can master the secrets of effective product photography with this essential guide. Author J. Dennis Thomas guides you through the basics, from selecting the right equipment and practicing different lighting techniques to controlling exposure, using backgrounds and props, and much more. Whether it's jewelry, food, fashion, or other products, learn how to photograph for effective selling, while building the skills and tools you need for a career.

  • Explains how to produce quality photos for product or commercial photography, including fashion, food, jewelry, technology, and more
  • The author is a professional photographer whose work has been published in major U.S. magazines including Rolling Stone, Elle, W Magazine, and US Weekly
  • Covers choosing the right equipment, practicing different lighting techniques, controlling exposure, using backgrounds and props, and more
  • Gives new and even experienced photographers the tools they need to build careers in product photography

Take photographs that impress, intrigue, dazzle, and sell with The Art and Style of Product Photography.

About the Author

J. Dennis Thomas is a freelance photographer with nearly 25 years of experience. The author of more than a dozen Digital Field Guides, he is known for his work as a concert and celebrity photographer as well as his product and editorial photography. His images have appeared in Rolling Stone, Elle, W Magazine, and US Weekly.

In this Book

  • Choosing the Essential Equipment
  • Selecting Lighting Equipment
  • Controlling and Evaluating Exposure
  • Controlling and Directing Light
  • Using Backgrounds, Sets, and Props
  • Assembling the Necessary Supplies
  • Composing an Image to Suit the Product
  • Applying Special Techniques For Reflective Products
  • Applying Special Techniques for General Products
  • Capturing, Editing, and Processing Images
  • Understanding Camera Modes