The Art of IT Management: Practical Tools, Techniques and People Skills

  • 3h 32m
  • Robina Chatham
  • BCS
  • 2015

Many IT professionals who find themselves in a management position for the first time can find it daunting. With this book you will learn that management is about people rather than process or procedure, it is an art rather than a science. There is no one particular right way, your approach has to be geared to the individual and the task in hand. With a focus on practical advice, this book will provide you with theory, hints and tips, case studies and examples from the world of IT management. All the stories you will read in this book are true; all the advice has been personally tried and tested; all the tools and techniques have been applied by other aspiring leaders with positive results. 'As ever, Robina is able to underline that effective management is truly an art. Combining simple models and powerful examples, this book is a must read for new and more seasoned IT managers alike.

About the Author

Dr Robina Chatham has over 30 years' experience in IT. She has held positions ranging from Project Manager to European CIO of a merchant bank and Lecturer. Robina now specialises in management development and executive coaching. Her prime focus is on helping senior managers to develop political acumen and master the art of influencing others.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • What Makes a Good Manager?
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Dealing with Poor Performance
  • Developing Teams
  • Change Leadership
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Effective Communication
  • The Art of Influencing
  • Reports and Presentations
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Managing and Negotiating with Suppliers
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Relationship Management
  • Systems and Processes
  • The Exploding Impact of it in the Digital Era
  • Managing People Who Used to Be a Peer, or Who are Older or More Experienced than You
  • Letting Go of the Things That You Should No Longer Be Doing Yourself
  • Coping with Stress and Pressure
  • Achieving a Satisfying Work/Life Balance
  • Managing and Enhancing Your Reputation
  • How to Deal with Organisational Politics
  • My Boss is a Bully – How Do I Cope?
  • How to Manage Your Time to Maximum Effect
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Engender Trust and Loyalty from others
  • How to Manage Your Personal Development
  • Coaching Skills
  • The Importance of Maintaining a Sense of Humour
  • Final Words
  • Further Reading


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