The Art of Self-Mastery: 11 Life-Changing Classics

  • 7h 42m
  • Mitch Horowitz
  • G&D Media
  • 2022

The Art of Self-Mastery presents 11 timeless classics and the greatest inspirational works of our time condensed and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian and New Though Scholar Mitch Horowitz

The Art of War by Sun Tzu This key to power and victory is the most important book ever written on overcoming obstacles and defeating your foes.

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen This meditation on the power of thought transforms failure and indirection into power and purpose.

Atom-Smashing Power of Mind by Charles Fillmore Discover how your thoughts are the most powerful force In the universe.

In Tune with The Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine One of the most significant works of mind-power teaches you how to tap the creative faculties of higher thought.

Magic of Faith by Joseph Murphy Unlock your hidden power and reach your epic potential.

The Master Mind by Theron Q. Dumont Master your thoughts and you’ll master your destiny.

The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard See how your perception Is your destiny.

The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont Enter a new world of personal magnetism, success, and effectiveness.

The Power of Faith by Norman Vincent Peale One of the most profoundly practical works to come from the author of The Power of Positive Thinking.

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran A timeless message for meaningful living is one of the greatest inspirational works of our time.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau This classic work provides you with stirring ideas in its celebration of simple living, self-sufficiency, and following your own inner compass.

About the Author

A widely known voice of esoteric ideas, Mitch Horowitz is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library, lecturer-in-residence at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, and the PEN Award-winning author of books including Occult America; One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life; and The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality. Mitch has written on everything from the war on witches to the secret life of Ronald Reagan for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Salon,, and Politico. The Washington Post says Mitch “treats esoteric ideas and movements with an even-handed intellectual studiousness that is too often lost in today’s raised-voice discussions.” He narrates popular audio books including Alcoholics Anonymous and The Jefferson Bible. Mitch has discussed alternative spirituality on CBS Sunday Morning, Dateline NBC, NPR’s All Things Considered, CNN, and throughout the national media. The Chinese government has censored his work.

In this Book

  • Introduction—The Unlikeliest Classic
  • Laying Plans
  • Waging War
  • Attack by Stratagem
  • Tactical Dispositions
  • Energy
  • Weak Points and Strong
  • Maneuvering
  • Variation in Tactics
  • The Army on the March
  • Dangers and Opportunities
  • The Use of Spies
  • About the Authors
  • Introduction—Why James Allen Still Matters
  • Foreword
  • Thought and Character
  • Effect of Thought on Circumstances
  • Thought and Purpose
  • The Thought-Factor in Achievement
  • Visions and Ideals
  • Serenity
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—Charles Fillmore—The Man Who Never Stood Still
  • The Atomic Age
  • The Restorative Power of the Spirit
  • Spiritual Obedience
  • I AM or Superconciousness
  • The Day of Judgment
  • Thou Shalt Decree a Thing
  • Thinking in the Fourth Dimension
  • Is This God’s World?
  • Truth Radiates Light
  • The Only Mind
  • The Body
  • Faith Precipitations
  • The End of the Age
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—Bringing the Infinite to Earth
  • Author’s Preface
  • Fullness of Peace, Power and Plenty
  • The Supreme Fact of the Universe
  • The Supreme Fact of Human Life
  • Fullness of Life—Bodily Health and Vigor
  • Wisdom and Interior Illumination
  • The Realization of Perfect Peace
  • Coming Into Fullness of Power
  • Plenty of All Things—The Law of Prosperity
  • How Men Have Become Prophets, Seers, Sages, and Saviors
  • The Basic Principle of All Religions—The Universal Religion
  • Entering Now Into the Realization of the Highest Riches
  • “The Way”
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—The Bible as Blueprint
  • The Song of Triumph
  • The Practice of the Presence of God
  • Realizing Your Desire
  • The Magic of Faith
  • Steps to Happiness
  • Harmonious Human Relations
  • How to Control Your Emotions
  • Changing the Feeling of “I”
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—The Enduring Genius of The Master Mind
  • The Master Mind
  • The Mind Master
  • The Slave Will and the Master Will
  • Positive and Negative Mentality
  • Attention
  • The Mastery of Perception
  • The Mastery of Emotion
  • The Mastery of Desire
  • The Mastery of Thought
  • Subconscious Mentality
  • The Mastery of Will
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—Doer of the Word
  • Consciousness
  • Power of Assumption
  • Desire
  • The Truth That Sets You Free
  • Attention
  • Renunciation
  • Preparing Your Place
  • Creation
  • Subjective Control
  • Acceptance
  • The Effortless Way
  • Essentials
  • Free Will
  • Failure
  • Destiny
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—The Voice of a Pioneer
  • Foreword
  • Concentration Finds the Way
  • The Self-Mastery Power of Concentration
  • How to Gain What You Want Through Concentration
  • The Silent Force That Produces Results
  • How Concentrated Thought Links All Humanity
  • The Training of the Will to Do
  • The Concentrated Mental Demand
  • Concentration Gives Mental Poise
  • Concentration Can Overcome Bad Habits
  • Business Results Through Concentration
  • Concentrate on Your Courage
  • Concentrate on Wealth
  • You Can Concentrate, But Will You?
  • The Art of Concentration with Practical Exercises
  • Concentrate So You Will Not Forget
  • How Concentration Can Fulfill Your Desire
  • Ideals Developed by Concentration
  • Concentration Reviewed
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—The Foundations of Positive Thinking
  • The Power of Faith
  • The Hidden Energies of the Mind
  • Fear, Worry, and Anxiety
  • Conscience and the Sense of Guilt
  • Self-Criticism, Failure, and Success
  • Grief and Sorrow
  • The Company of the Lonely
  • Love and Marriage
  • The Faith That Heals
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—A Guide to Powerful Living
  • The Prophet
  • About the Author
  • Introduction—Why Read Walden?
  • Economy
  • Where I Lived, and What I Lived For
  • Reading
  • Sounds
  • Solitude
  • Visitors
  • The Bean-Field
  • The Village
  • The Ponds
  • Baker Farm
  • Higher Laws
  • House-Warming
  • Former Inhabitants; and Winter Visitors
  • Spring
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author