The Art of Waking People Up: Cultivating Awareness and Authenticity at Work

  • 4h 43m
  • Joan Goldsmith, Kenneth Cloke
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2003

In The Art of Waking People Up, authors Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith draw on more than thirty years of practical experience with hundreds of organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, schools, and nonprofits—to reveal new ways of giving and receiving feedback that maximize personal and organizational change and foster lifelong learning. They show how organizations can develop the systems, processes, techniques, and relationships that affirm, rather than undermine, the intelligence and humanity of their employees. This important resource is filled with the necessary tools, interventions and strategies managers can use to encourage their employees to speak, hear, absorb, and use the information they need to improve the way they work.

The Art Of Waking People Up includes information on how to

  • Create work relationships that are more honest, open, respectful, and effective
  • Analyze the structures, systems, processes, and cultural practices that limit personal and organizational growth
  • Identify the behaviors that suppress awareness, creativity, and initiative
  • Target the information to pass along that will help develop creativity, flexibility, leadership, and responsiveness
  • Implement strategies for encouraging the development of democratic organizations

About the Authors

Kenneth Cloke is director of the Center for Dispute Resolution and a mediator, arbitrator, consultant, and trainer. Joan Goldsmith is an organizational consultant, coach, and educator specializing in leadership development and organizational change. Cloke and Goldsmith are coauthor of five previous books, including The End of Management and the Rise or Organizational Democracy and Resolving Conflicts at Work: A Complete Guide for Everyone on the Job, both published by Jossey-Bass.

In this Book

  • An Orientation to Awareness and Authenticity
  • The Art of Waking Up
  • Where it all Begins
  • Turnaround Feedback
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Strategic Mentoring
  • Participatory Assessment
  • Courageous Listening
  • Paradoxical Problem Solving
  • Supportive Confrontation
  • Risky Conflict Resolution
  • Waking Organizations Up
  • Fostering Congruence and Commitment in Organizations
  • Ubiquitous Leadership and Organizational Democracy