The Basics: What is Project Management

  • 20m
  • Jeff Davidson
  • Tony Alessandra
  • 2010

What exactly is a project? You hear the word used all the time at work, as well as at home. People say, “I am going to add a deck in the backyard. It will be a real project.” Or, “Our team’s project is to determine consumer preferences in our industry through the year 2010.” Or, “I have a little project I would like you to tackle. I think that you can be finished by this afternoon.”

In this Book

  • #1 Specific Timeframe
  • #2 An Orchestrated Approach to Co-Dependent Events
  • #3 A Desired Outcome
  • #4 Unique Characteristics
  • Project Planning
  • Control
  • Many Hats All the Time
  • Seven Ways to Succeed as a Project Manager
  • Seven Ways to Fail as the Project Manager