The Book of Road-Tested Activities

  • 5h 15m
  • Elaine Biech (ed)
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2011

Workplace learning professionals are always looking for the best solution—tried-and-true activities, ones that work every time, ones that always lead participants to gain deeper insight into their leadership capabilities and potential. The Book of Road-Tested Activities gives you just what you're looking for: well-crafted games and activities that have been put to the test in real training situations and proven effective.

To create this edited collection, training legend Elaine Biech painstakingly selected the very best—more than 100 activities that ASTD training professionals have taken to the finish line with excellent results.

Divided between activities geared toward specific workshop topics and multi-purpose training tools and techniques, the book covers:

  • Training topics—communication, listening, customer service and sales, creativity and innovation, teamwork, leadership, and more
  • Tools and techniques—icebreakers, openings, reviews, and online learning, plus unique tools that will add a new twist to your own techniques

With both new, innovative activities and classic, dependable ones enhanced with creative variations, Elaine Biech's The Book of Road-Tested Activities provides you with an array of tried-and-true training tools for every occasion and purpose. They'll help you achieve your own stellar track record of successful training and satisfied customers.

About the Editor

Elaine Biech is president and managing principal of ebb associates inc, an organizational development firm that helps organizations work through large-scale change. Biech is the author and editor of four dozen books, including Pfeiffer Annuals of Training and Consulting, 90 World-Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers, Training for Dummies, and others, all published by Wiley. Biech is the recipient of ASTD's highest honor, the Gordon M. Bliss award.

In this Book

  • Your Highway to Success—An Introduction to Road-Tested Activities
  • Communication—The Most Vital Skill
  • Listening—The Second Half of Communication
  • Customer Service and Sales—Imperative for Organizations
  • Creativity and Innovation—Most Important in a Complex World
  • Diversity and Inclusion—Valuing Differences
  • Teamwork—Get to Know Your Team
  • Teamwork—Working Together
  • Leadership—What it Takes to Make a Leader
  • Solving Problems—Find Practical Solutions
  • Professional Development—Skills for the Workplace
  • Icebreakers—Getting to Know You
  • Openings—Start with a BANG
  • Reviewing—Make it Fun
  • New Tools—Add a Twist to Your Techniques
  • Online Learning—Tools to Try
  • Ideas for Your ASTD Chapter
  • Activity GPS