The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics, Fourth Edition

  • 10h 27m
  • A. Skrondal, B. S. Everitt
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 2010

If you work with data and need easy access to clear, reliable definitions and explanations of modern statistical and statistics-related concepts, then look no further than this dictionary. Nearly 4000 terms are defined, covering medical, survey, theoretical, and applied statistics, including computational and graphical aspects. Entries are provided for standard and specialized statistical software. In addition, short biographies of over 100 important statisticians are given. Definitions provide enough mathematical detail to clarify concepts and give standard formula when these are helpful. The majority of definitions then give a reference to a book or article where the user can seek further or more specialized information, and many are accompanied by graphical material to aid understanding.

About the Authors

B. S. EVERITT is Professor Emeritus of King’s College London. He is the author of almost 60 books on statistics and computing, including Medical Statistics from A to Z, also from Cambridge University Press.

A. SKRONDAL is Senior Statistician in the Division of Epidemiology, Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo. Previous positions include Professor of Statistics and Director of The Methodology Institute at the London School of Economics.

In this Book

  • A: Aalen–Johansen Estimator—Average Sample Number (ASN)
  • B: b632 Method—Byte
  • C: C—Czekanowski Coefficient
  • D: DAG—Dynamic Population Modelling
  • E: E—Eyeball Test
  • F: Facets—Fuzzy Set Theory
  • G: G2—Guy,William Augustus (1810–1885)
  • H: H0—Hypothesis Testing
  • I: ICM—Iterative Proportional Fitting
  • J: Jaccard Coefficient—Just identified Model
  • K: (k1, k2)-design—Kwiatkowski-Phillips-Schmidt-Shin Test (KPSS Test)
  • L: L’Abbé Plot—Lynden–Bell Method
  • M: Machine Learning—MZIP
  • N: Nadaraya-Watson Estimator—Nyquist Frequency
  • O: Oblique Factors—Overviews
  • P: Page’s Test—Pyramids
  • Q: Q–Q Plot—Quota Sample
  • R: R—RV-coefficient
  • S: Saddlepoint Method—Systematic Review
  • T: Taboo Probabilities—Type III Error
  • U: UK Retail Prices Index—Utility Analysis
  • V: Vague Prior—Vuong Statistic
  • W: Wagner’s Hypothesis—Wrapped Normal Distribution
  • X: X2-statistic—X-Gvis
  • Y: Yates’ Continuity Correction—Yule–Walker Equations
  • Z: Zelen’s Exact Test—Zygosity Determination