The Complete Book of Data Anonymization: From Planning to Implementation

  • 3h 1m
  • Balaji Raghunathan
  • CRC Press
  • 2013

The Complete Book of Data Anonymization: From Planning to Implementation supplies a 360-degree view of data privacy protection using data anonymization. It examines data anonymization from both a practitioner's and a program sponsor's perspective. Discussing analysis, planning, setup, and governance, it illustrates the entire process of adapting and implementing anonymization tools and programs.

Part I of the book begins by explaining what data anonymization is. It describes how to scope a data anonymization program as well as the challenges involved when planning for this initiative at an enterprisewide level.

Part II describes the different solution patterns and techniques available for data anonymization. It explains how to select a pattern and technique and provides a phased approach towards data anonymization for an application.

A cutting-edge guide to data anonymization implementation, this book delves far beyond data anonymization techniques to supply you with the wide-ranging perspective required to ensure comprehensive protection against misuse of data.

About the Author

Balaji Raghunathan has more than 15 years of experience in the software industry and has spent a large part of his working career in software architecture and information management. He has been with Infosys for the last 10 years.

In 2009, Raghunathan was introduced to data anonymization and ever since has been fascinated by this art and science of leaving users in doubt as to whether the data are real or anonymized. He is convinced that this is a valuable trick enterprises need to adopt in order to prevent misuse of personal data they handle and he has helped some of Infosys clients play these tricks systematically.

He is a TOGAF 8.0 and ICMG-WWISA Certified Software Architect and has worked on data nonymization solutions for close to two years in multiple roles. Prior to 2009, Raghunathan has been involved in architecting software solutions for the energy, utilities, publishing, transportation, retail, and banking industries.

Raghunathan has a postgraduate diploma in business administration (finance) from Symbiosis Institute (SCDL), Pune, India and has an engineering degree (electrical and electronics) from Bangalore University, India.

In this Book

  • Overview of Data Anonymization
  • Enterprise Data Privacy Governance Model
  • Enterprise Data Classification Policy and Privacy Laws
  • Operational Processes, Guidelines, and Controls for Enterprise Data Privacy Protection
  • The Different Phases of a Data Anonymization Program
  • Departments Involved in Enterprise Data Anonymization Program
  • Privacy Meter—Assessing the Maturity of Data Privacy Protection Practices in the Organization
  • Enterprise Data Anonymization Execution Model
  • Tools and Technology
  • Anonymization Implementation—Activities and Effort
  • The Next Wave of Data Privacy Challenges
  • Data Anonymization Patterns
  • Data State Anonymization Patterns
  • Anymization Environment Patterns
  • Data Flow Patterns Across Environments
  • Data Anonymization Techniques
  • Data Anonymization Implementation