The Complete Business Process Handbook: Body of Knowledge from Process Modeling to BPM, Volume I

  • 13h 10m
  • August-Wilhelm Scheer, Henrik von Scheel, Mark von Rosing
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2015

This is the most comprehensive body of knowledge on business processes. Written as a practical guide for Executives, Practitioners, Managers and Students by the authorities that have shaped the way we think and work with process today.

This book is one of three volumes, representing the most comprehensive body of knowledge published on business process. Second volume uniquely bridging theory with how BPM is applied today with the most extensive information on extended BPM. The third volume explores award winning real-life examples of leading business process practices and how it can be replaced to your advantage.

Covering what Practitioners, Managers, Executives and Students need to know about

Key Features

  • Learn what Business Process is and how to get started
  • Comprehensive historical process evolution
  • In-depth look at the Process Anatomy, Semantics and Ontology
  • Find out how to link Strategy to Operation with value driven BPM
  • Uncover how to establish a way of Thinking, Working, Modelling and Implementation
  • Explore comprehensive Frameworks, Methods and Approaches
  • How to build BPM competencies and establish a Center of Excellence
  • Discover how to apply Social BPM, Sustainable and Evidence based BPM
  • Learn how Value & Performance Measurement and Management
  • Learn how to roll-out and deploy process
  • Explore how to enable Process Owners, Roles and Knowledge Workers
  • Discover how to Process and Application Modelling
  • Uncover Process Lifecycle, Maturity, Alignment and Continuous Improvement
  • Practical continuous improvement with the way of Governance
  • Future BPM trends that will affect business
  • Explore the BPM Body of Knowledge

About the Authors

Prof. von Rosing is in every way an innovator impacting developments, standards, frameworks, methods and approaches around the world. For over 15 years he has taught in different universities around the world.

He is the Chairman of the Global University Alliance, the largest non-vendor academic platform for academic collaboration. He has been personally involved of developing 96 Enterprise Standards and 51 Industry Standards, both with ISO, OMG, LEADing Practice, NATO and many more.

Recognized as founder of the object modeling discipline.

International recognized founder, thought-leader and the driving force behind the Enterprise Modelling revolution - a pioneer in linking strategy with operational execution. Recognized as a strategy and business process management thought leader, advisor, mentor and co-author of bestseller book: Applying real-world BPM in an SAP environment.

Together with Global University Alliance, he has evolved mainstream process thinking, approaches and styles through his efforts in standards bodies, books, academic publications and published reference content, such as extended BPMN, Object Modelling, Social BPM, BPM Lifecycle, BPM Maturity, Value BPM & Goal Oriented Process etc.

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Scheer is founder of the Institute for Information Systems (IWi) at Saarland University and was its director for 30 years.

Prof Scheer was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 by the Global University Alliance on behave of +400 universities, in recognition of his long-term impact and contribution to evolve the academic world and organization's structural thinking of how to apply enterprise modelling today.

Leaving his mark on this generation and generations to come. Pushing the bar with his research and focus on information and business process management.

He is widely regarded as the founder of the BPM industry.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Abbreviation Meaning
  • Introduction to the Book
  • Process Concept Evolution
  • Process Concept Evolution
  • Process Concept Evolution
  • What is Business Process Management?
  • The BPM Way of Thinking
  • The Value of Ontology
  • The BPM Ontology
  • Process Tagging—A Process Classification and Categorization Concept
  • Why Work with Process Templates
  • The BPM Way of Working
  • Business Process Trends
  • BPM Center of Excellence
  • Understanding Business Process Management Roles
  • Working with the Business Process Management (BPM) Life Cycle
  • The Chief Process Officer—An Emerging Top Leadership Role
  • iBPM—Intelligent Business Process Management
  • Evidence-Based Business Process Management
  • Social Media and Business Process Management
  • BPM and Maturity Models
  • The BPM Way of Modeling
  • Business Process Model and Notation—BPMN
  • Variation in Business Processes
  • Focusing Business Processes on Superior Value Creation—Value-Oriented Process Modeling
  • Sustainability Oriented Process Modeling
  • Information Modeling and Process Modeling
  • The BPM Way of Implementation and Governance
  • Applying Agile Principles to BPM
  • BPM Change Management
  • Business Process Management Governance
  • Business Process Portfolio Management
  • Real-Time Learning—Business Process Guidance at the Point of Need
  • Business Process Management Alignment
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • The Business Process Management Way of Training and Coaching
  • The Need for a Standardized and Common Way of Process Training
  • Process Expert Training
  • Process Architect Training
  • Process Engineer Training
  • Process Owner Training
  • Conclusion