The Conflict and Communication Activity Book: 30 High-Impact Training Exercises for Adult Learners

  • 3h 56m
  • Bill Withers, Keami D. Lewis
  • 2003

Every workplace has its share of conflict, and one of training's universal goals is to help organizations resolve it in a way that brings benefit to everyone involved. This timely activity book offers 30 ready-to-use exercises trainers can use to help workshop participants communicate more effectively and create positive outcomes from conflict situations. The Conflict and Communication Activity Book features:

  • Field-proven exercises from the authors' worldwide experience
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for preparation, additional reading, and Q & A processes
  • Valuable essays on handling conflict situations
  • An Exercise Matrix to sort activities by type, length, and other parameters

About the Authors

Bill Withers is the author of The Conflict Management Skills Workshop and the organizational development manager for R & B, Inc., an automotive supply corporation.

Keami D. Lewis has been a program designer, trainer, and business leader with Rosenbluth International, Showboat Casino, and other organizations recognized for excellence in training and management practices.

In this Book

  • Why Playing Games in the Classroom is Serious Business
  • Creating a Successful Learning Environment
  • Some Good Questions About Conflict
  • My Workshop Starts in Five Minutes
  • Exercises to Prepare in Advance
  • Full-Day Workshops
  • Exercise Matrix
  • Sample Agendas
  • Handouts, Flipcharts/Overheads, and Charts
  • Tips for Leading Group Activities
  • Fun Ways to Break into Groups
  • Additional Resources