The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle Service Bus, Second Edition

  • 8h 39m
  • David Rieber, David Schorow, Jeff Davies, Samrat Ray
  • Apress
  • 2008

The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle Service Bus, Second Edition targets professional software developers and architects who know enterprise development but are new to enterprise service buses (ESBs) and service–oriented architecture (SOA) development. This is the first book to cover a practical approach to SOA using the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus tool. And it’s written from the “source”—BEA Systems AquaLogic product lead Jeff Davies.

  • This book provides hands–on information to developing SOA–driven applications with ESBs as central components.
  • It also gives strategic guidance on SOA planning, web service life–cycle management, administration of an ESB, and security considerations.
  • Author Jeff Davies is careful to cut through theory and get straight to demonstrating successful use of the product.

What you’ll learn

  • View code examples that demonstrate how to use the major features of the service bus.
  • Learn tips and tricks to solve common problems.
  • Change your thinking on versioning web services: instead of applying versions to web services, which the author feels is simply the wrong tool for managing service life cycle, learn a new way to manage the service life cycle.
  • Get a new perspective on planning your “service landscape.”
  • Discover administration–specific details for keeping your ESB running with practical advice on moving your configurations from development to testing and production—details that are commonly omitted from technical books.

Who is this book for?

This book is for developers, technical architects, tech leads, professional software developers ,and architects. It’s targeted at folks who know enterprise development but are new to enterprise service buses and SOA development.

About the Authors

Jeff Davies, principal architect, BEA AquaLogic, has 20 years of experience in the software field. Jeff has extensive experience developing retail applications, such as Act! For Windows and Macintosh and a number of other commercially available applications, principally in the telecom and medical fields. His background also includes the development, design, and architecture of enterprise applications. Prior to joining BEA, Jeff was the chief architect at Covad Communications, responsible for their SOA and most recently the acquisition and deployment of Covad’s Enterprise Service Bus. Now at BEA, Jeff is focused on the AquaLogic product line.

David Schorow has over 20 years’ experience working on Enterprise software. David is the chief architect for BEA AquaLogic Service Bus and has guided its development and evolution from the first release through four (and counting) subsequent releases. Prior to joining BEA, David was the chief Java architect at the NonStop division of HP, overseeing the development of a wide variety of Java projects, including the NonStop Java JVM, NonStop SQL JDBC drivers, the port of WebLogic Server to the NonStop platform, and other demanding Java products. David has extensive experience in high–performance transaction processing systems, the application environments used by the most demanding customers such as stock exchanges, airlines, health care, banking, etc.

Samrat Ray has over 10 years of experience in the architecture, design and implementation of Java/J2EE based enterprise software. Samrat is a Product Manager at Oracle where he is responsible for RASP (Reliability, Availability, Scalability, Performance) aspects of multiple products in the SOA Suite. As the Performance Architect for AquaLogic Service Bus at BEA Systems, Samrat has been a key contributor to the architecture and design of the product. He is responsible for multiple innovative features that enable users to build scalable and flexible SOA architectures using Oracle Service Bus. Samrat has extensive experience in the areas of high volume transaction processing and high performance message oriented systems.

David Rieber has 14+ years of experience working on software development. David has been a member of the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus team since its inception. David is the security architect for ALSB, and has designed and implemented its security model, as well as influenced other core functionality in ALSB. Prior to joining BEA, David was a senior software developer at Sun Microsystems, where he worked on Sun’s HotSpot Java Virtual Machine. David has a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University.

In this Book

  • Why Use a Service Bus?
  • Installing and Configuring the Software
  • Creating a Hello World Service
  • Message Flow Basics
  • A Crash Course in WSDL
  • Intermediate Message Flows
  • Asynchronous Messaging
  • Service Types and Transports
  • Advanced Messaging Topics
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • SOA Security
  • Planning Your Service Landscape
  • Implementing Your Service Landscape
  • Versioning Services
  • Performance: Tuning and Best Practices
  • Administration, Operations, and Management
  • Custom Transports
  • How Do I …?