The Digital Innovation Playbook: Creating a Transformative Customer Experience

  • 4h 50m
  • Nicholas J. Webb
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2011

A complete and practical road map to achieving unprecedented business success through digital innovation excellence

In this breakthrough book, world-renowned innovation strategist Nicholas J. Webb uncovers the secrets of the world's best innovators. And what he found is that there is a new phenomenon that he calls "Digital Innovation" which is sweeping the world. In this powerful book, Webb clearly defines innovation as "the process of delivering exceptional value through active listening."

His case studies show how great organizations like Kodak, IndyCar, U.S. Army, and Southwest Airlines have used Digital Innovation to drive colossal success. Webb also discusses how Dell Computers has set up their own Digital Command Center to monitor over 70,000 keywords in over 11 languages to listen, to learn, and to ultimately invent world-class technologies. He predicts that Digital Innovation will replace the term Open Innovation and that ultimately every successful organization in the world will hire a Chief Listening Officer (CLO).

  • Demystifies the hyper-complex world of Digital Innovation
  • Presents comprehensive case examples of how organizations both large and small have deployed Digital Innovation methodologies to grow both sales and profit
  • Shows how organizations are using digital media, Web 2.0, and social media to connect to their customer communities and internal stakeholders alike

About the Author

Nicholas J. Webb is the founder and President of Lassen Innovation, a management consulting firm specializing in business growth and innovation management. He is a highly successful inventor with over thirty-five technology related patents. His clients include some of the world's top corporations in several industry categories. He is a prolific author. His books include The Cost of Being Sick and The Innovation Playbook. Webb and his inventions have appeared on ABC, NBC, and Fox news.

In this Book

  • The Digital Innovation Playbook — Creating a Transformative Customer Experience
  • Foreword
  • Introducing the Next Step — Navigating New Media
  • Mastering Digital Innovation — The Role of Digital and New Media on Innovation and Commercialization
  • The Digital Sandbox — Play, Listen, Invent, and Deploy for a Successful Strategy
  • The Digital Enterprise — Harnessing Social Media Intelligence, Smartly
  • The Digital Video Revolution — Digital Technology Gives Anyone the Ability to Make a Quality Television Show
  • Flying High — An Open Culture Keeps an Airline Company on Top of the Competition
  • Picture Perfect Social Media — How Kodak Got Social Media Right
  • The Army Way — Digital Leadership from a Surprising Source
  • Winning the Digital Race — IndyCar Creates the Ultimate Brand Forum with its Strategic Multimedia Approach
  • Digital Direct — Innovation Commercialization through Digital Direct Marketing
  • RealOpen Innovation — Developing a Framework to Manage the Flow of Ideas and Technologies
  • Creating a Digital Culture — Organizational Culture is a Symptom — The Underlining Causality is Collective Team Focus
  • Rules of Engagement — Protecting the Value of Your Intellectual Property
  • The Innovation Game Plan — Are You Ready to Deploy?