The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company

  • 6h 16m
  • Bill Capodagli, Lynn Jackson
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2007

The original edition of The Disney Way was awarded a coveted “Best Business Book of the Year” by Fortune magazine. The world's foremost experts on Disney, Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson revealed Walt's secret success formula that propelled his company into the highest echelon of business, creativity, innovation, and success.

Now this fully revised edition profiles a new set of diverse organizations-from The Cheesecake Factory, Ernst and Young, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, to Griffin Hospital, John Robert's Spa, and Men's Wearhouse-that have redefined their businesses by embracing The Disney Way. Walt's “dream, believe, dare, do” credo is a powerful foundation that will support any business, drive any team, and guide any leader to newfound levels of success.

About the Authors

BILL CAPODAGLI, Managing Partner of Capodagli Jackson Consulting, brings managerial experience at several top consulting firms and graduatelevel teaching experience to the firm. He is a popular speaker at both national and international conferences where he teaches audiences the Dream, Believe, Dare, Do Disney Way model.

LYNN JACKSON, Bill's partner, holds a graduate degree in Organizational Development and she continues to train and consult with organizations that are striving to implement the Dream, Believe, Dare, Do principles.

Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson have amassed over 2,700 hours benchmarking the Disney organization; trained thousands of people in Dream, Believe, Dare, Do methods; and spent over 10 years compiling information on Disney practices.

Capodagli Jackson Consulting is currently in demand for training and consulting services. It has taught hundreds of businesses, from hospitality to healthcare, how to apply Walt's original success credo. It presents effective, easy-to-learn Dream, Believe, Dare, Do tools to assist both executives and front-line employees alike achieve long-term success. Capodagli and Jackson's popular "Creating the Magic with Dream, Believe, Dare, Do" programs have gained national recognition as high quality learning experiences for those striving to bring the real "keys" to achieving excellence—Walt's Way—to their organizations.

Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson have written two other books: The Disney Way Fieldbook, How to Implement Walt Disney's Vision of Dream, Believe, Dare, Do in Your Own Company and Leading at the Speed of Change: Using New Economy Rules to Invigorate Old Economy Companies.

In this Book

  • Walt's Way
  • Make Everyone's Dreams Come True
  • You Better Believe It
  • Never a Customer, Always a Guest
  • All for One and One for All
  • Share the Spotlight
  • Dare to Dare
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Make Your Elephant Fly—Plan
  • Capture the Magic with Storyboards
  • Give Details Top Billing
  • Re-Creating the Magic
  • Dream, Believe, Dare, Do
  • Bibliography