The EQ Difference: A Powerful Plan for Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work

  • 4h 15m
  • Adele B. Lynn
  • 2005

Emotional intelligence (EI) has been proven to be a leading driver of success. Offering practical tips and suggestions for developing emotional intelligence and reaping its benefits in any work environment, The EQ Difference shows you how to develop your own emotional quotient as well as that of your peers, employees, and even senior executives.

This helpful guide features real-world examples, “Letters to Leaders,” and excerpts from actual performance reviews that show the positive impact of EI on workplace results, values, and relationships. The EQ Difference provides a breakthrough plan for putting the power of emotional intelligence to work for you.

About the Author

Adele B. Lynn is the author of The Emotional Intelligence Activity Book. She is a popular speaker and consultant specializing in emotional intelligence, mentoring, and building trust in the workplace.

In this Book

  • The EQ Difference—A Powerful Plan for Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work
  • Chapter 1: The Connection Among Behavior, Feelings, and Performance
  • The Mystery Of Human Behavior
  • The Way We Are Wired
  • Chapter 4: Emotions: What Are They?
  • Chapter 5: Rewiring For Greater Performance And To Live Our Intentions
  • Chapter 6: The Five Areas Of Emotional Intelligence
  • Chapter 7: The Doorway To Emotional Intelligence
  • Chapter 8: Step 1: Observe
  • Chapter 9: Step 2: Interpret
  • Chapter 10: Step 3: Pause
  • Chapter 11: Step 4: Direct
  • Chapter 12: Step 5: Reflect
  • Chapter 13: Step 6: Celebrate
  • Chapter 14: Step 7: Repeat
  • Chapter 15: Self-Awareness And Self-Control At Work
  • Chapter 16: Empathy At Work
  • Chapter 17: Social Expertness At Work
  • Chapter 18: Personal Influence At Work
  • Chapter 19: Mastery Of Purpose And Vision At Work
  • Bibliography