The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow

  • 4h 38m
  • John H. Zenger, Kathleen Stinnett
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2010

An “interactive” approach to coaching from one of today’s most forward-thinking leadership gurus

John Zenger established himself as a top-tier leadership expert with his groundbreaking books The Extraordinary Leader and The Inspiring Leader. Now, he teams up with executive coach Kathleen Stinnett to put you on the fast track to expertise in business coaching.

The Extraordinary Coach works as an immersion course in coaching, providing the skills you need to become a highly effective leader in no time flat.

As with his other books, Zenger researched thousands of assessments from the most effective coaches. Then he and Stinnett combined the research with the latest findings from the world of clinical psychology to map out the real success secrets of today’s best coaches.

This practical, multi-layered training guide provides the tools you need, including:

  • Conversation Guide offering framework for any possible scenario
  • Application Worksheets to help prepare yourself for upcoming coaching situations
  • List of Questions to ask in their own coaching conversations

Building a firm foundation in the correlation between coaching effectiveness and employee engagement, you will quickly and effectively master the critical skill of coaching. The Extraordinary Coach will ensure you make a powerful contribution to the long-term success of your organization.

About the Authors

Jack Zenger is the co-founder of Zenger/Folkman and the co-author of The Extraordinary Leader and The Inspiring Leader. He was inducted into the Human Resources Development Hall of Fame in 1994 and received the Thought Leader Award from his industry colleagues in 2005.

Kathleen Stinnett is a senior consultant and executive coach with Zenger/Folkman. She serves on the faculty of the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, leading some of the foundational workshops required for the professional certification program. In 2005, Kathleen earned the Master Certified Coach credential (MCC) through the International Coaching Federation.

In this Book

  • The Extraordinary Coach—How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow
  • Foreword
  • Why Bother? How Coaching Pays Off
  • Empty Cup, New Tea – Looking at Coaching in a New Way
  • Pay Now or Pay Later – The Impact of Coaching
  • What Business Coaching Is and Isn’t
  • Does Your Coaching Rest on a Crumbling Foundation?
  • FUEL – A Framework, Not a Cage
  • Frame the Conversation – Setting the Target
  • Understand the Current State – “So How Is That Working for You?”
  • Explore the Desired State – Aiming for the Right Target
  • Lay Out the Success Plan – Emphasizing Accountability
  • Coaches Need Feedback Too
  • Change Is the Yardstick – Understanding the Performance Challenge
  • The Power of the Gold Star – Reinforcing Feedback
  • Sometimes It Just Comes Down to the Numbers – Redirecting Feedback
  • When Feedback Becomes a Coaching Conversation
  • Signaling the Lane Change – Managing Expectations
  • “Send in the Coach” – Finding More Coaching Opportunities
  • Growing Your Skills as a Coach
  • Each Individual Is a Whole Person (Not Just a Worker)
  • Conclusion
  • Powerful Coaching Questions
  • Notes