The Frictionless Organization: Deliver Great Customer Experiences with Less Effort

  • 4h 41m
  • Bill Price, David Jaffe
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2022

Learn how frictionless organizations cut costs, grow revenue, and create loyal fans by creating products and services that work so well, their customers never have to contact them for the wrong reasons.

This book will help any customer-facing organization deliver better customer experiences, save money, and increase revenue. Veteran customer service experts Bill Price and David Jaffe, coauthors of the bestseller The Best Service Is No Service , explain how organizations can design products, sales, and support so that customer effort is reduced or, better still, removed. This simplicity for the customer is what Price and Jaffe call frictionless .

The book defines a straightforward methodology, drawing on more than thirty practical examples from leading companies across four continents. The approach provides a radically different way for the whole business to focus on the customer experience. It explains how any organization can look at all customer interactions as potential opportunities for improvement and question whether they are helpful or represent symptoms of friction.

Lower friction innovators are disrupting established businesses in every industry. This detailed guide shows how any business—from start-ups to major multinational corporations—can remove friction. Being frictionless has become a strategic necessity, and now this strategy is available to any organization.

About the Author

Bill Price was Amazon's first global vice president of customer service and is the founder and president of Driva Solutions, dedicated to creating highly effective customer contact strategies and operations. He has more than thirty-five years experience directing major operations and consulting to more than 160 leading companies.

David Jaffe is the founder and coowner of LimeBridge Australia, which specializes in improving the customer experience and operations in large companies. In 2004, Jaffe founded the Chief Customer Officer Forum in Australia, which has a membership of thirty-five leading companies. Price and Jaffe are the coauthors of The Best Service Is No Service and Your Customer Rules!

In this Book

  • Preface
  • Introduction And Overview
  • Understand
  • Assign and Prioritize
  • Eliminate
  • Digitize
  • Preempt
  • Streamline
  • Leverage
  • Learn
  • Redesign
  • Start
  • Notes
  • Glossary