The GAME of Innovation: Conquer Challenges. Level Up Your Team. Play to Win

  • 2h 8m
  • David Cutler
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2022

As a leader, how do you facilitate breakthrough opportunities? Gamify challenges. Level up your team. And play to WIN.

Unveiling a comprehensive approach to extraordinary problem-solving, The GAME of Innovation offers all you need to meet challenges head on and seize the competitive edge.

Conceived by a super-creative quartet of top-tier business consultants, The GAME of Innovation builds upon a novel premise: What if you framed problems as if they were games of profound significance? How might you design something new or reimagine the old, particularly when competition increases, technology disrupts, change accelerates, money tightens, and the rules of success are constantly evolving?

The book then shares a flexible methodology for designing powerhouse innovation GAMEs (Guidelines, Arena, Materials, Experience), aligning teams with 5 problem-solving “lenses,” building consensus behind change, and leading/managing the process. This uncommon, easy-to-read, visual book is packed with actionable strategies that will help you and your community thrive when playing The GAME of Innovation.

About the Author

David Cutler is the founder and CEO of The Puzzler Company, a firm that helps assists business, education, and arts organizations strengthen teams and gamify problem-solving. Known for “innovating the process of innovation,” he is a speaker, consultant, teacher, author, musician, and Aspen Global Leadership Fellow. Cutler serves as a Distinguished Full Professor at the University of South Carolina, where he led an institution-wide initiative focused on interdisciplinary exploration and breakthrough creativity.

In this Book

  • Introduction Got Innovation???
  • Start Here Problems, Pitfalls, & Play
  • Guidelines
  • Arena
  • Materials
  • Experience
  • Improve Your Vision
  • Green/Gather
  • Purple/Propose
  • Blue/Boost & Red/Rip
  • Orange/Own
  • Facilitationing
  • Happy Teams
  • Getting To Wow
  • Gratitudes
  • Meet the Team


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