The Guide to Successful Electronic Payments, 2016 Edition

  • 5h 45m
  • American Payroll Association
  • American Payroll Association
  • 2016

This guide provides proven steps for selling, implementing, and administering the direct deposit and electronic paycard processes within an organization.

Included are the federal and state regulations governing direct deposit. Third-party electronic payments, such as tax deposits and child support withholding payments, are also addressed.

In this Book

  • Electronic Payment Overview
  • Why You Should be Interested in Increasing Direct Deposit Via ACH
  • The Legal Framework Covering Direct Deposit Via ACH
  • Aim for 100% Direct Deposit Participation
  • Developing the Company/Financial Institution Relationship Agreement
  • How to Promote Electronic Payments within Your Company
  • Implementation of Direct Deposit Via ACH
  • Administration of Direct Deposit Via ACH
  • Third-Party Electronic Payments
  • International Payments
  • Federal and State Regulations on Direct Deposit Via ACH and Electronic Paycards
  • Payroll Debit Cards
  • Electronic Payments in Accounts Payable
  • Glossary


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