The How of WOW: A Guide to Giving a Speech That Will Positively Blow 'Em Away

  • 4h 11m
  • Tony Carlson
  • 2005

For speakers who want to make their presentations soar above the tens of thousands of speeches delivered (and immediately forgotten) every day, The How of WOW offers a refreshing antidote to the usual formulas. A treasure trove of proven ideas and techniques, this book is a practical tool for creating speeches that audiences will remember for years. It's filled with secrets for:

  • getting attention, empathy, and respect from the audience
  • developing bigger and better stage presence
  • turning "good enough" into a memorable and powerful experience for the audience
  • asking tough questions that are the root of thorough preparation
  • identifying and correcting common mistakes -- and avoiding them in the future
  • maximizing return on the speech by after marketing it to additional audiences

The How of WOW offers dozens of practical tips and illuminating examples to help speakers at every stage of the speech process, from considering an invitation to speak to making sure that the message is heard even after the speech is over.

About the Author

Tony Carlson has 30 years of experience as a communications executive, award winning journalist, educator, and corporate writer. He is currently Editor in Chief at Bell Canada.

In this Book

  • Take Off the Bushel Basket
  • Tried … but Not Necessarily True
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Performance Ready
  • You're the Star
  • Do I Really Need to Do This?
  • Be Prepared
  • Find the Hook
  • Keep the Focus on You
  • Getting Down to It
  • Of Headlines, Humor, and “Aha!s”
  • Before You Say a Word
  • Stand and Deliver
  • After the Talking's Done