The Innovation Race: How to Change a Culture to Change the Game

  • 7h 22m
  • Andrew Grant, Gaia Grant
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2016

The Innovation Race takes readers on a lively global adventure to explore the current state of innovation. Along the way best-selling authors Andrew and Gaia Grant search for clues on how to stay ahead in the race and design a more sustainable future. Asking the critical questions - Why do we innovate? Are we at risk of innovating for the sake of innovation? What could we be doing better? - the Grants reflect on whether, if in the race to come up with ‘the next big thing,' we may be losing the purpose behind the process. They then outline how to navigate the key paradoxical challenges that can either frustrate or fuel innovation to change the game. By taking the latest academic research and presenting it in an accessible way, the Grants present a compelling case for forging a new path for the future.

The Innovation Race provides concrete strategies to support purpose-driven sustainable innovation through deep cultural transformation. A unique profiling tool reveals current organisation positioning along with potential opportunities and challenges. A practical culture change model then provides clear direction for proactive change. With economists estimating that up to 80 per cent of growth comes from new ideas and innovations, this thought-provoking book provides the strategies and tools to learn how to create an innovation culture for long term success.

  • Identify your own sweet spot for innovative thinking
  • Learn the strategies to transform your organization
  • Engage and motivate employees toward innovative action
  • Excel in implementing a deep cultural shift

The Innovation Race will make you reassess what you assumed you knew about innovation, help boost the innovation process to new levels and bring your organisation to the forefront.

About the Authors

Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant are the founders of Tirian and creative designers of Tirian programs, which are sold under license internationally.

They have worked on leadership & team development for top executive clients in multinational companies throughout the world for more than 15 years and is a recognized leader in the field.

Andrew and Gaia Grant have traveled the world for over 25 years to explore 'Who Killed Creativity?' and "The Innovation Race". Their latest books includes stories from their experience working with over 20,000 international keynote and workshop participants in more than 30 countries at all levels, from kindergarten through to corporate CEOs.

Andrew has been in high demand as a keynote speaker at TEDx (Hong Kong) and has shared the stage with top international speakers such as Stephen Covey, Jonas Ridderstrale and Bob Nelson. He has been a keynote presenter and executive level facilitator in more than 20 countries around the world, worked with over 30 different nationalities. He has presented at the global leadership conference for the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) & World Presidents' Organization (WPO), where he ran key sessions - including opening keynote and moderation of the inaugural merger meeting between YPO & WPO. The feedback received was rated one of the highest ever achieved.

Andrew & Gaia have co-authored several books- including: Who Killed Creativity? (Wiley 2012), A Patch of Paradise (Random House), The Rhythm of Life (Transworld), plus over 30 corporate educational resources, simulations & programs that are licensed worldwide.

They have featured on BBC and ABC TV, Singapore radio, The Wall St Journal and Financial Review. In 2011 Andrew Grant was ranked as one of the top 30 leadership gurus in the world.

In this Book

  • The Innovation Race─How to Change a Culture to Change the Game
  • Into the Shark Tank
  • The Amazing Innovation Race
  • Shifting Perspectives
  • Are You A Tourist Or Traveller?
  • Picasso and the Paradoxical Innovation Process
  • Liberate
  • Initiate─How to Initiate the Innovation Process through Open Connections for Exploring Diverse Ideas
  • Motivate
  • Transform─How to Transform a Culture for Implementing Innovation
  • Pawns and Players
  • Future Trends─The New Innovation Agenda
  • Notes