The Journey to Enterprise Agility: Systems Thinking and Organizational Legacy

  • 5h 52m
  • Daryl Kulak, Hong Li
  • Springer
  • 2017

This is the first book to seriously address the disconnection between nimble Agile teams and other groups in the enterprise, including enterprise architecture, the program management office (PMO), human resources, and even business executives.

When an enterprise experiments with practice improvements, software development teams often jump on board with excitement, while other groups are left to wonder how they will fit in.

We address how these groups can adapt to Agile teams. More importantly, we show how many Agile teams cause their own problems, damaging scalability and sustainability, by requiring special treatment, and by failing to bridge the gaps between themselves and other groups. We call this phenomenon “Agile illth.”

Adopting a set of “best practices” is not enough. All of us, Agile teams and the corporate groups, must change our intentions and worldviews to be more compatible with the success of the enterprise.

Join us on the journey to enterprise agility. It is a crooked path, fraught with danger, confusion and complexity. It is the only way to reach the pinnacles we hope to experience in the form of better business value delivered faster for less cost.

In this Book

  • Today's Problems with Enterprise Business Software
  • The Scholars of Systems Thinking
  • Worldview and Intentions
  • Seven Principles of Systems Thinking for Software Development
  • Redefining Professionalism
  • Scaling and Sustaining—Avoiding Mechanical Behavior
  • Business Value, Estimation and Metrics
  • Missing Deadlines Means Missing Market Opportunities
  • Flipping the Run/Build Ratio—The Business Case for Software Craftsmanship
  • Better Vendor RFPs and Contracts
  • Servant Leadership
  • How Teams Keep Learning and Improving
  • Getting Coaching That Really Helps
  • Capitalizing Software Investments
  • Integrating Enterprise Methodology and Architecture with Fast-Moving Development Teams
  • HR Agility
  • Buy versus Build
  • A Brief Note about Using Offshore Teams
  • Highlighting the Differences between Software Product Companies and Internal IT
  • Conclusion